Reviewed : UMOJA

umojaWell what can I say that hasn’t already been said about this five star performance? Not much, but I will tell you all that didn’t get to see them on their second trip to our lovely island, missed out big time!

I’m not one for theater or live performances that don’t make use of a dance floor and thousands of screaming fans… but even if there were thousands of us, we would all be speechless as we watched the South Africans run throught the history of their local music. The show’s message that music is the language that unites people and gives the spirit of togetherness, was taken in by us all.

It was very informative and entertaining, even for me as a South African. The show was bright, vibrant and the performers were full of life, who enjoyed every step they put into their dances, putting smiles on everyone in the audiences faces.

This performance has rightfully been given top reviews world-wide, so I will stop rambling on as if I can put together a propper review of the show. I loved it, and that’s what message I want to put across. If you were there, or have seen the show before, what did you think?