Reviewed : MTVs “The Lick” & DJ S7S @ Club Bling (Nicosia)

There was one slight give away when I arrived that it was going to be a good night; as always, Club Bling’s guerilla marketing makes sure that all of the urban community in Nicosia knows about the grand event … MTV Lick. With the FM waves constantly plugging in the advertisement it becomes hard to go anywhere without getting ear of the event; MTV Lick DJ Hanif along with the Almighty Multi-Award Winning DJ S7S.

Bling’s resident DJ razor warmed up the night on the wheels of steel playing some quality old school tunes. DJ S7S took over after razor, prepping up the crowd to just the right temperature for the guest DJ. After consuming a few vodka Red Bull’s I was charged up and ready!!

MTV Lick was officially in the building and Hanif wanted to make sure the capital knew that he was there in full swing. I thought Hanif was great, and his commercial set catered for the Nicosian crowds. He kept it simple, quick and to the point. It was an ‘easy jet’, no frills no fuss kind of set. He did a fantastic job on the mic, everybody was singing and dancing, but I think he played it a little too safe for some people.

His mixing was not on point on a few occasions and I have a clear picture of the VIP section “not happy” (verbally obvious) that he could not pull off some amateur mixing.  Nevertheless, they backed a few more sambucca shots, cracked a few more bottles and tried not to complain.

Hanif sounded great from the dancefloor and did a good job, thank you very much Mr. MTV Lick. Now, out of courteousy to Bling’s guest I would have said a great set, but what came straight after Hanif’s set…its better I say good!

The DJ with titles longer than royalty … the Almighty Multi Award Winning Reigning Pioneer Champion, DJ S7S made a comeback and lived up to his name scratching and tearing up the mixer with his beat juggling and box of tricks!

Even at three in the morning he was still dropping anthem after anthem. I would like to consider myself well-traveled and I have seen a lot of DJs, but he is one of the few entertainers I have ever seen who dances behind the decks, has a great time, and always has a smile from ear to ear on every performance; but what I don’t understand is how can he look so dam casual when he’s destroying and tearing up the dancefloor?? The club really did explode as soon as he jumped behind the decks; he read the crowd well, impressed with his tricks, delivered and definitely made sure Cyprus was put up on the same step as every other MTV Lick entertainer.

Come closing time, there were still 700 strong ravers in the building cheering and clapping for him to continue. It has definitely been a while since I have had a good time in Bling, and it was with out a doubt a great start to our summer 2007.

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