Reviewed : Ipnotica Club Opening


A few members of our team attended the opening of the new IPNOTICA club in the Tourist Area of Limassol.

The music was awesomely provided and mixed by DJ Melonic and as for the club… WOW! It is well decorated and has a glint of class shining through from the brand new furniture to the well dressed security.

On the night it was FREE entry, but door-men were very selective, but at least for a change a club in Limassol has not been a full-fling sausage-fest, but I personally know many clubbers who were not allowed in, to keep space for people who’s house-music tolerance was below that of a bear being drilled by a woodpecker.

Drinks were also a bit pricy, but hey this is Limassol. Now the most important thing is, if you like house music and you like a club with a good guy-to-girl ratio, you should definately drop by Ipnotica one night.

Check out the Gallery from Ipnotica too.