Reporting from E3 2009

pro-gamerIn case you’ve been wondering why there was no Game Releases post last week it’s because I was in transit. After a long flight from Larnaca airport taking me via Frankfurt I finally arrived yesterday to Los Angeles where the 2009 Electronics Entertainment Expo will take place from 2 4 June. It’s the biggest event in the games industry and I will be there to report directly to you.



Sony is expected to announce a new version of its PSP, called PSP Go. Qore (Sony’s gaming show) prematurely released a video of the new console. Here’s the Link.

What’s new you may ask.

1. How does the PSP console look? – Link
2. No UMD drive. That’s right. Sony has finally admitted the UMD’s failure  (What every analyst and gamer has known since the PSP’s launch)
3. 16GB Flash memory. Now games will be available to download from the PSP store. (more memory will be available using memory sticks)
4. A 3.8″ screen
5. 43% lighter than the last PSP version i.e. the PSP-3000. Sony has also admitted in the past couple of years that the PSP was never actually used as a portable console due to its weight and size. Now, crucially, it will fit in our pockets.
6. Bluetooth

The PSP Go is expected to be available in the Fall while the existing PSP will continue to be available alongside it.

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Costas Taliadoros is an accountant by profession but a gamer at heart. He was born in Nicosia in 1977 and was raised by Donkey Kong. At a very young age he started piloting F-15 Strike Eagles over the Iraqi and Libyan deserts and has also seen action in an M1 Ambraams tank somewhere in Eastern Europe fighting against the Soviets. As the years went by, he was integrated into Civilization until he finally conquered the world and sent the first human mission to Alpha Centauri. He graduated from the International Superstar Soccer academy and moved back to Cyprus to start his career. In this dark period of his life he fought and swore against 3 more Master Chiefs on a 4-way split-screen all day and night. It was around this period that he also started traveling to Live in many places around the world but mostly the USA. There, he met a lot of young American teenagers who were willing to discuss topics like his mother and the colour of his skin in great detail. It only strengthened his belief that he still has a lot to learn in this life.

Nowadays Costas can be found on a couch playing games with friends and foes, with beer in close proximity. He is just a non-professional “writer” who loves games, books, comics, football, and running. He is also writing in the video-game site he co-founded,, and on his personal blog,

  • joiac

    Nice! Have an awesome time – look fwd to hearing all about it.

    • Hi there Jo,

      It seems the funny face was not enough. I was just trying to find a good excuse for missing last week’s Game Releases.

      I am afraid i am a just a hot potato in the heart of Nicosia and not L.A.


      • Lol, should really pay more attention to smily faces! I am enjoying your posts though so thanks for the updates.

        • I am glad you are enjoying them Jo. 🙂

  • I’m definately getting it for the collection but i’m sceptical about it’s ergonomics and grip after seeing where sony placed the analogue stick. What about shoulder buttons? Where and how big are they? Gamers will not be able to trage in their 1000/2000/3000 models for this since this move will render their old UMDs collections useless. Removing the UMD drive was a smart move since one can get more hours out of 1 battery charge. I’m looking forward for the PSP2 hoping that sony will release it soon enough and add the much required 2nd analoque stick

    • peter

      i agree mate. im not too thrilled of the changes made. i prefer the design and ergonomics of the original psp, even with the UMD drive. and the psp2 should take its time i mean there are still plenty titles coming on the psp1

      • I love the size and weight updates but i have just found out how much it will cost.

        Euros249! where as you can get the Nintendo DSi for Euros170.

        Much too expensive to catch on.

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