Rent A Desk Cyprus becomes Desk&Co to help even more entrepreneurs and businesses.

“Desk&Co gives startups, entrepreneurs and freelancers the place, and the space, to grow and succeed… with a splash of free coffee!”

It’s been quiet over at for the last two or three weeks. But that was all explained in their first newsletter announcing the project has changed it’s name to Desk&Co, so as to better represent what they do.

The old RentADesk Cyprus homepage explains their mission, in more detail, is to connect coworking environments and develop an international platform for cooperation and communication through the desks they help to fill. It now makes more sense as to why this name was chosen, reminding us of those old traditional corporations… but with an evidently new twist.

With new desk spaces to be announced around Cyprus shortly, they’re really stepping up and sticking to their promise to help rebuild Cyprus from within, through entrepreneurship and hosted desks.

More information as it’s announced, but till then, keep an eye on or their new Facebook page, or sign up to their newsletter directly.

Full Disclosure: Hector Kolonas is the founder of Desk&Co. was originally an community project.

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