Recap : The Dog Fashion Show

DSC02148Sunday the 30th of August saw Cyprus’ first ever Dog Fashion Show, which was held in Crumbs Cafe Bar in the Limassol Tourist Area. Upon hearing about this event we knew we couldnt resist attending the competition and taking some photos for our readers.

The competition had attracted over 25 dogs with their owners, hoping to bag one of the top 4 winning positions.The tensions were running high amongst both owners and dogs especially when a few restless dogs appeared to go mental at the very site of the other canines in the vicinity! With so many other dogs to drool over our legs were relatively safe to walk around and cover the event without getting humped!

A variety of different breeds were on show for us including *Chiouaouas*, Pekinese, Jack Russels and one dog that i could only describe as a black giraffe. i still need to figure out its breed!

With so many gorgeous looking dogs with there cute outfits only 4 could get their paws on the prizes:

In 4th place was a male Yorkshire Terrier by the name of Luzo, This beautiful puppy was tiny and was sporting a cute cowboyish outfit along with a tiny little cowboy hat!

In 3rd place came female Jack Russel by the name of Buona. She was wearing a dungarees, and a red ‘bad boy’ top. The event commentator could only describe her as Sharon Stone- i think it had to do with the crotchless Jeans she was wearing, but other than that your guess is as good as mine.

2nd place was awarded to Belle, a black Pekinese female, who was beautifully groomed and was wearing a pink maids outift. Belle had gorgeous protruding massive eyeballs and could make even a grown man shed a tear!

The prestigious first place award was given to another Yorkshire Terrier but a female one this time. Cholie managed to steal the judges hearts with her cute princess outfit. Furthermore the owner was also dressed in a pink princess outfit making them look the part to win Cyprus’ first ever Dog Fashion Show.

As a first attempt at such a competition the turnout was more than desirable leading us to believe that the competition will back, bigger and better. We cant wait!

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