PSA: Dangerous African Cat possibly roaming streets in Ayia Phyla Limassol

According to a blog post (in Greek), an imported African Serval cat has gone missing from a home in Limassol, in the Ayia Phyla area.

Some are sharing this link ferociously online, stating that Serval’s could be dangerous to small mammals (dogs, cats and possibly babies) which could be seen as their prey.

Being unable to prove the validity of this rumour, we’ve decided to share it so as to allow our readers to remain vigilant and to keep an eye on their kids and pets, until such time that we can deny on confirm the reports.

We must implore you, that if you do see a cat that looks exotic, to not harm it in any way, but instead call the Animal Control unit in your area.

We’ll update you with any news as we get it. Got something to add? Drop a comment below.

Update: The Serval was found and caught unharmed a few days later.

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