Professional Sinnerz @ Basement Club (Limassol)

professionalsinnerzAll the way from Thessaloniki-Greece the amazing ( Hip Hop,R’N’B & Rap signers) Professional Sinnerz land for the very first time to Cyprus at the Basement Club-Limassol.
With them DJ KomHs-X and their professional Sexy Dancers!

Professional sinnerz consist of 2 members.Adamantas who is the mc and Tyler who is the producer and dj.They formed back in 2002 when Tyler made a remix for Adamantas solo track called Guinnes Record featuring Sade.After recording some songs together,they decided to form a group,getting the name Professional Sinnerz from a verse Everlast rapped in a song called Rhyme in the chamber,claiming that he is a Professional Sinner since birth.

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