Cyprus President denies responsibility and police try arresting mourning son

The investigating committee following the explosion at Mari, today heard President Christofias’ side of the story.

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He claimed that he had no knowledge of the danger of storing the containing in Cyprus, and even went further to state that he was unaware that the containers had been located so close to the main power-station of the island. He also indicated, that had he known about their location, he would have ordered them to be moved elsewhere. He put the main blame onto his ministers of foreign affairs and defence and also shifted blame onto high-level military officers for not informing him about the full extent of the situation.

However, at the same time, he admitted to giving ‘verbal orders’ to have the containers destroyed in September 2010 (about 10 months before the explosion).

In the end he blamed everyone else without taking a shred of responsibility, which angered the mourning relatives who began becoming verbally agressive. Chants were heard claiming that the President was a Murderer.

On having left the hearing, police attempted to arrest a few of the angered relatives (including the son of the Naval Base Commander). The head of the investigation committee ordered that the police leave and that no arrests were to be made.

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Although shocking, the proceedings were to be expected, which begs the question… Why did we expect anything different?