Pink Floyd coming to Cyprus?!!

pink_floyd_-_dark_side_of_the_moonI know many of our readers have a sour taste in their mouths following our elaborate April Fools day article on Metallica coming to Cyprus, but we moved quickly to satisfy our islanders thirst for rock by being the first to announce Alice Cooper’s upcoming concert in Limassol. Furthermore we’ve launched a free ticket giveaways to the event offering 2 lucky winners 100 euro worth of tickets!

But this next event should make the previous two announcements sound so much better. Pink Floyd may arrive to our shores to preform at the ‘Green Line’ in Nicosia, in an attempt to raise more awareness of the only separated country within the EU. This is not the first time the band has been involved with peace/charities/awareness gigs, there last most memorable Live 8 Contribution in July(2005) which included Roger Waters rejoining David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Richard Wright. It was the quartet’s first performance together in over 24 years!

Its difficult to describe their genre as they first became known from their psychadelic and space rock music, and later developed a more progressive rock style influencing many well known artists today. Their philosophical and thought provoking lyrics have inspired and puzzled many about the state of which we live in. Many of Pink Floyd’s songs are about division and lack of communication, so it would be fitting for them to be a positive part of the future of Cyprus as one island.

We need YOUR help people to get the word around and get the support needed to make it happen. We need to get over 10,000 fans on the facebook ‘Do you want Pink Floyd  to preform across the green line in Nicosia’ group, so join become a fan and share with your friends and we at OnThisIsland will monitor the progress of this ambitious project and let you know what happens.

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