Pain of Salvation @ The Pavilion (Nicosia)

Pain of Salvation @ The Pavilion

After continued success in Europe and America, the Swedish band “Pain of Salvation” will play in Cyprus for the first time for one single concert!

Daniel Gildenlow, lyricist, composer, guitarist, singer and creator of the band, will provide a special, unique atmosphere, along with the other four members of his band.

Through the powerful sound of their music brings to the surface issues such as sexuality, humanity, the formation of the individual, nature and environmental problems, war and its effects.
So each album consists of a completely separate thematic song cycle.

On January 6, 2011, we have the opportunity to hear live tracks from their albums The Perfect Element, Be (perhaps more importantly their artistic creations), Scarsick and of course their latest album Road Salt One, new and old hits and travel with the Pain of Salvation in a enchanting journey looking like says Daniel, the co-existence of concepts like good and evil, light and darkness, pain and salvation, in the end finding the perfect balance!

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