OnThisIsland.com’s New Design

In case you didn’t realise, OnThisIsland.com has undergone a huge design change. If you are still seeing the old design, make a true refresh of the site to clear the cached copy on your machine (this is Ctrl+F5 on Windows and cmd+R on Macs). Many things may appear different, but heres a guide on how to get yourself around…

Firstly the front page is more organised so that you have quick access to the news you want to read, without the need to scroll a great deal.

On the front page, you can see the last article in the main display, with the previous five articles to it’s right and the list of topics covered on the far right.

However a new addition to the OnThisIsland.com front page is the Aside Articles, one of which you are currently reading, which can be found below the featured article. These are short posts (normally) which are used to inform you of important news or updates. Keep an eye on these.

On the top of each page is the search bar with a link to all of our archives underneath it. Feel free to browse these if you can’t find what you are looking for.

Other than that, the rest of the changes are mostly cosmetic, have a look around, and if you find any errors or have any suggestions, feel free to comment below or contact us.

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