OnThisIsland.com’s ready for fourth year.

Today, OnThisIsland.com has been registered for 3 years exactly, and we would like to thank our sponsors and partners who helped us get to where we are today, on a personal level, I (as creator and sole author for first 2 and a half years) would like express my gratitude to all of you who used OnThisIsland.com through all 3 past versions and still continue to use and support this site.

If you are expecting another version, we haven’t planned one for this year, instead we have developed further into the social networks allowing facebook users (other social networks coming) to add a Cyprus Events, News and Opinions application, bringing our news, and event updates to your profiles, and inside facebook.

We also have some surprises up our sleeves for the build-up to Summer’08 so check back soon 🙂

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