Onirama Live @ My Mall (Limassol)

Onirama Live @ My Mall Limassol Onirama was founded in October 2000 from the idea of Thodoris Marantinis and Dionisis Prantzis after they met during their military services.Giorgos and Dimitris Kokonidis were also founding members, and a couple of months later Kostas Karakatsanis joined. The band originally started off as a hobby, with the name “Mixing Up The Medicine” inspired by lyrics from a Bob Dylan song. The name was a reflection of the wide range of music they played.

In 2005 they signed with Lyra Records and released their debut album Diskolos Kairos Gia Prinkipes (A tough time for princes) on 7 December 2005. The lead single “O Horos (Klise Ta Matia)” (The Dance, Close your eyes) became a radio hit and gained Onirama popularity, while the second single Mia Mera Tha ‘Rtheis” (One day you will come) also became a radio hit.

For the winter season 2007-2008, Onirama successfully appeared alone at popular Club Cinema Live at Peiraios 130 in Athens with their signature live performances. In March 2008, they entered the studio to record their second studio album.


Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Time: Starts at 19:30




Phone: 25826926

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