NORDSEE – Nicosia, Cyprus Reviewed!

Something fishy is going on…

Address: Mondo Complex, 9A Arch. Makarios Avenue, Nicosia, 1065, Cyprus
Tel: 7777 6011
Schedule: open daily from 12 noon to midnight
Parking: opposite the restaurant in a parking lot (pay by the hour) or on the side street near Zena Palace Cinema with park-o-meters (usually free after 6pm)


Haven’t you heard? Something fishy is going on in the heart of the capital! Actually, to be precise – because accuracy, precision and detail are very important in our busy, high maintenance lives – something very fishy has landed on the ground floor of Mondo Complex on Makarios avenue in Nicosia. It is quite easy to spot; it is the one with the big red fish logo and big blue bold letters of NORDSEE. That’s right. You wouldn’t miss it even if you wanted to.

The famous German seafood restaurant chain, one hundred and fifteen years after its foundation in Bremerhaven in 1896, has finally landed on the third largest island in the Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus, of course. Cyprus is now one of the 410+ worldwide restaurants of NORDSEE. A small step for NORDSEE, a huge leap for Cyprus. Who needs electricity in the Stone Age when we have NORDSEE in Cyprus? Seriously now.

There is one, and only one, golden rule to distinguish today’s fish from yesterday’s fish: if it smells like the sea, go for it, if it smells like the fish, change the dish. Simples. I’m sure I’ve heard that saying somewhere else before, but can’t quite put my finger on it yet.

If only I could have another dinner with you…

NORDSEE guarantees the freshest, tastiest and best(est?) ingredients around to be perfectly cooked, carefully laid out on your plate, brought to you by friendly – and handsome! – waiters and offer a mouth watering orgasm every time. Indeed, a lovely combination.

Your fish arrives fresh from the four corners of the world. So go on, try the Cuban spiny lobster,  the Thai prawns, the Norwegian salmon, the Atlantic plaice, the Irish mussels (not muscles!), the Icelandic saithe (from the Cod family), the Alaskan Pollack (from the Cod family as well. I reckon they are second cousins) or – and I am sure you have all tried these before – the Mediterranean octopus, squid, smelt, baby crab and sea bass. Travel the world through your taste buds and discover your exotic side through fish. Go wild!

Prices vary from EUR 3.90 up to EUR 39.50, from freshly made seafood salads (served in a tortilla bowl!) and all the way to fish platters for our readers with fat appetites, fatter bellies and the fattest smiles! [Those are my favourite readers.]

Cheap and lame excuses won’t get you out of this one.

‘I would love to have lunch with you but I am in a hurry today and haven’t got enough cash with me, sorry!’

NORDSEE offers instant cold and hot seafood sandwiches from as little as EUR 2.90 to as much (?) as EUR 5.50. Soon, a salad bar will be available as well. I am sure the price will not threaten your wallet or wipe your fat smile off your face.

Diet always starts on the same day. Tomorrow.

‘I would love to have dinner with you but I am on a diet and I don’t really eat at night, sorry!’

NORDSEE is open daily from midday to midnight. Fish is really healthy with lots of fatty oils, such as omega 3 which is good for the eyes, vitamin D and is low on fat, hence low cholesterol levels in the human blood. A friendly note: prawns, octopus, squid and lobster are high in cholesterol, while white fish such as sea bass are low in cholesterol. It also depends whether the fish is fried or grilled. And if it is fried, what type of oil has been used and so on…

SSDD. Same shit (or should I say ‘Scheiße’?).  Different day.

NORDSEE offers a variety of fish dishes, creatively cooked and not at all ordinary. Talk about poached cod or salmon fillet in parchment paper oven baked with tomatoes, leeks and onion. Perhaps lobster spaghetti with cocktail aioli sauce would do the trick? How about shrimps in curry dressing with pineapple pieces instead? I am sure you will find something to tickle your fancy.

I would give up chocolate but I am no quitter!

NORDSEE desserts range from warm apple pie to passion fruit meringue cupcake to dark chocolate mousse to ice cream and sorbets and even seasonal fruit platters. A little something for everyone; even for the ones who are on a ‘diet’!

Truth or dare?

I dare you to go with a group of fish-loving friends, get a smoked salmon ‘Flamm’ for starters and a nice salad with shrimps and mozzarella, order the NORDSEE platter (for 3) and wash it all down with a nice bottle of White Zinfandel wine. To sweeten your taste buds try the passion fruit meringue cupcake or even the 100% Belgian dark chocolate mousse. De-li-cious.


On a scale of a Shrimp to the Great White Shark, how much of a daredevil are you?

Don’t be shellfish! Share the love…



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