Metallica coming to Cyprus! End of June 2009!

This was an April fools joke, but, Alice Cooper is really coming to Limassol!

Well everyone’s been waiting for it. So Pleasure Grooves in association with have brought them! They will be coming to the island inbetween their show in Italy and Germany near the end of June.

Let us first send our gratitude to the organisers for taking the time and investment to bring us such a high-level event. From all of us at please keep up the good work, and we look forward to seeing what a show you can put on.

Playing for one night only in Limassol, at the Tsirio stadium!

Tickets go on sale on the 25th of April. Outlets to be announced shortly.

612px-metallica_logosvgThis will be a massive event for the island, and should be attended by all!

Get your tickets asap. We have even secured 10 free passes for the first 10 who comment on this page, so comment and tell your friends!

Disclaimer : Each user can only win one ticket, repeat accounts will be removed. We reserve the right to bullshit and babble about anything so…for those that don’t believe it, you’re right. Happy April Fools everyone!