MedFest 2007 : Akon & 50 Cent

Yeap Akon and 50c will be in Cyprus! Believe it or not…

This summer brings us the first ever International Music festival organised by AP Entertainment and One Events and tickets are priced from �30. It is planned to happen at the GSP Stadium in Nicosia on July 28 2007.

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  • Kalli Rache

    u gotta b kiddin me…

  • not even joking. saw the article this morning, will try trace back to it :p keep checking back for more info :p

  • Marko

    oh god its gona be arab fest.

  • Kalli Rache

    lol totaly agree with u marko:D all them gangasta wannabe ppl will b attending:)why cant they bring someone decent???i have no prob with Akon i even like one or two songs but 50 cent…come on!!!!!!!!!

  • Marko

    hahhaha gona be sooooo bad!

  • leya

    lol, guys this is quite big for cyprus. i dont think you realise what it can lead to if 50 and akon are starting to come over. Give cyprus a chance to develop slowly.

  • Andrew

    Quite big?? this is huge!!! So huge i cant believe it is true but if it is its gonna be ace!!

  • Kalli Rache

    well yea it is a big deal that sm1 that famous is coming here bt come on!!!there are so many rnb/hip hop artists that are so much better than 50:) bt well at least its a step…one small step for the human kind but a giant leap for cyprus:)

  • FAY

    lol my guess is the concert will be canceled last minute
    but if it’s not then thats actually reealy cool, who would have thought akon and 50cent even know where cyprus is
    but cyprus rocks :):):)

  • Tat

    o my god i cant believe it its mad insane im goin mad i sooo hope they cme im one of their biggest fans this is amazin!!!!

  • Fanatik

    ok i can picture it 2 ppl dancin on stage and a bunch of cyp dressed like they from the “hood” drivin mercedes and bmw talkin how bad they have had life im goin just for the laugh! and mayb akon some songs r good but please any1 but tht candy shop man!

  • spyros

    en exi ipo8esi.

  • leya

    lol, 3 other artists are coming Gwen Stephanie could be one of them apparently

  • sexygirl

    en gnt etsi pramaaaaaaaaaaaa o akon kai o 50c en poli megala asteris g thn kipro!!!!
    apokliete na ertoun

  • This is major…I cant believe that they are coming to Cyprus..Im going and so are all my friends…Gangster wannabe’s or not…When is something like this ever gonna happen again!!!

  • leshin

    to answer all of your comments gd or bad he is cumin because i know the man who is bringing them and 2 be honest there is no bigger seller in records than 50 in hip hop, however much better any1 else is so stop being clever and im not saying that in a bad way its a fact………………

  • ha ha ha…you guys are Crazy…I just bought my ticket(see link)… I hear there are more artists to be announced – not to sure about Gwen Stefanie though!!! Ha ha

  • E-N-V-Y

    i personaly think that is a massive event for not only the fans of fifty cent and akon but the for the whole of cyprus… due to the fact that i am with the organisers of the concert everyday i know 100% that this concert will happen on the 28th july..not only are they sum of the biggest names in the hip hop scene at the moment are special guest are just as big and will blow u away!!!!

  • George

    I have just speak with one of organisers and he said that the tickets will be available from this Saturday (26th May) on all PLAY shops. “I will go there to help open the store, not a chance to lose such event”

  • There you have it, to all the users who did email or msg me about where tickets are available, well all PLAY shops island-wide!

  • Fanatik

    not at the candy shop ?:(

  • spiros

    thanks to philip stavrou for this he”s the man! how much u paying them for there performance?

  • james

    aisc marko?
    nah man its gna be brilliant, just keep in mind sumthing like this cud get canceld

  • it ticketing through ticketweb man, they’re big. you won’t lose money and so it don’t help anyone for the companies involved to cancel anything

  • steve

    i just flew in from london today and they’re even talking about it there…with some talk about rihanna coming as well…her new tune is heavy!!!…these promoters must know what they’re doing….its gonna be madness!!

  • LadyGal

    To all thoses dissing 50.
    50 is an amazing artist and you cannot stoop that low to diss him. like him or not this is a huge event for your tiny village country and be thankful. you dont even deserve this event so shut up

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  • Well if those rumours about Rhianna are true..then she can sit under mu mberella ela ela all day long!!

  • Fanatik

    hahhaha LadyGal our little village which is has one of the most famous Clubing scenes in the World.Yes its unusual for such big artists to come to cyprus of that type of music but we havin bryan adams as well this summa and we have had countless of famous groups or djs … to name a few: Tiesto, Sasha, Oakenfold, Van dyk ( 3 of those r the top djs in the world) then theres Scorpions who not only had 1 concert but 2 here, Sting last summa, Alten Jon and i remember a few famous from the Splash event as well. So think again before talking about our “little village”

  • lol sexygirl gt i kupros ti exei kai den ginete na ergio o 50cent me ton Akon

  • LadyGal

    I never said there were no DJ’s coming but it just starting to get good so thats why i dont think people should moan. Common…A few big gigs and you telling me off? You think again

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  • tzegkena8ropos


  • jp

    At 4 hours long this must be the shortest ‘festival’ in history.. and the only festival to be held indoors in a stadium! What a sham.

    This is a concert.

    Do they have to call it a festival to get away with charging £85 for a ticket?

  • mito

    A festival is an event, usually staged by a local community. “Medfest is a festival”, supporting local talent, created and organised by Cypriots. Get it right!!!

    Plus you do not have to buy the most expensive ticket, and if YOU think it’s a sham you dont have to go!!!!

  • mito

    Oh year! A festival can be how ever long the event takes!

  • Steve
  • u know what i love, the fact that the medfest team have linked to their sites all over OnThisIsland… however dont reply to emails or provide a link back… dont matter, google rank1 over and over agen 🙂

    Promoting Island-Wide Events, the RIGHT way 😉

  • wats wrong wid 50 lepta ya’ll? aspume akon is da hotest ting dr is do u really tink der gna cum to d smallest country eva? dont get me wrg i hope dt cum!!!!!!!!!

  • i lov em 2 deaf yey gsp or ksb waeva r u serious u tink dr not cumin? wer do u tnk der gna stay?

  • Yiannakis

    Re vlimata enexoun lathos,esis na pienete stis sinaulies tis Vissis kai tou Xatzigianni,anipotheti

  • Poly

    yo jp t’s not gonna be indoors gsp stadium is outdoors pfffffffffffff

  • Of course they are coming! Have you not seen the website etc…this looks official!

  • Anne

    I read from the cytanet-website that Rihanna and Sean Paul are coming. Dunno if that’s gonna happen but at least so far I’ve thought of cytanet as a reliable source of information, so I hope it’s true.

  • vespa

    akon.. 50 cennt and.. me? 😉 very nice:)

  • epia j itan teeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeelia, itan to pio wraio event, makary na erthoun kai t xronou……. simfono me ton yiannaki osoi den epiete exasete…… kai oson gia sas pou to ypotimate na pienete stis synaylies ton “star” tin elladas kai na kamnete xaroues!!!!!!!!!!