Mario Chris & Mr.Styles @ Babylon Superclub (Ayia Napa)

NAPARAZI Presents Mario Chris & Mr.StylesNAPARAZI Presents Mario Chris & Mr.Styles @ Babylon Superclub ( Ayia Napa )

A night of sophistication

Mario Chris:
Mario Chris was born in Nicosia, Cyprus. From his early teens realised that music was his calling. With just his pc and a crappy midi keyboard Mario put together bootlegs of anything and everything adding his own touch with his trippy beats and crazy basslines. Quickly gaining respect as a producer and DJ, Mario Chris soon got his own radio show on one of Nicosia’s radio stations, playing on a weekly live 1 hour broadcast, rapidly gaining a following. In 2004 he went to study Music Production in Athens, being taught by his mentor Christian Cambas, who helped him refine his skills and bring out the natural talent for producing exciting music. Realising this upcoming musician’s talent he would later sign him to his record label, Devilock Records under which he would sign his first EP, Colordots which went to the and Top 10 charts and was played by the likes of Flash Brothers, Hernan Cattaneo and Thomas Penton. Last summer 2008 Mario Chris was a guest DJ at Cavo Paradiso, one of the world’s most renowned clubs and remixed Israel’s famous trio Flash Brothers ‘Sit Down, Stand Up’ which was released by Devilock Records. In December 2008 Mario Chris has had the pleasure appearing at the ‘Transmusical Festival’ which was held in Rennes, France. After the successful EPs ‘Color Dots’ and ‘Space Invaders’ and the booming remixes of the classics ‘Died in Your Arms’ and ‘What is Love’ the charismatic DJ and producer Mario Chris presented his first and much anticipated album ‘Boombox’; featuring 10 progressive and electro-house tracks. Despite all these releases Mario Chris seems unstoppable! Only a few days after his album became available exclusively at the talented producer releases a remake of the world known hit ‘Greece 2000’., and started his own Digital Record Label ‘Elektrify’.

At the rate this young artist is going with his cool electro riffs and sexy basslines it’s no wonder why he’s hit the dance music scene with such an explosion…

Mr.Styles is a DJ that always learned to listen to music before trying to perform it any way!! That is what has given an edge to his every set and of course exactly what the listener needed!

He started piano lessons at the age of 7 and ever since he hasn’t bothered himself with anything else than music. He sat under great music minds which helped him create a unique insight in music and helped him choose “his” genre and the tracks he performs with great maturity.

Having passed from some of the best decks of Greece’s clublife including Athens,Salonica & the Aegean before coming to Cyprus. He’s performed in the hippest and most massive venues all over Cyprus like Castle, Ammos, Guaba, Times, Deep & Topaz among others always staying true to his impeccable progressive feeling!

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