Lotus Paradise Summer Gathering 2010 @ Governors Beach (Limassol)

Lotus Paradise Summer Gathering 2010
Lotus Paradise productions Is so happy to see you in another family Gathering Under the open Sky and between white rocks of Governor’s Beach ,where the beautiful scenery around you and the glorious wide open spaces above you .
After those great Lotus Paradise Gatherings of 2009, all the positive Vibes, energy and love that we share with your smiles, give us motivation to continue the way full of energy and celebrate another night with your beautiful smiles… .
pack your stuff and get ready for a magical story by experienced psychedelic traveler oCeLoT

Line Up

Live act :
oCeLoT (USA)
world renowned producer

Born in San Francisco in 1974, Aaron Peacock was still based in the city when he began performing psychedelic trance music under the Ocelot moniker in 2000; his music started appearing on a handful of labels — Dropout Productions, Vertigo, and Ceiba a year later. Ocelot was not, however, Peacock’s only musical outlet, as the multi-instrumentalist had released work as early as 1993, and had also worked under the name of VectorSelector. oCeLoT styledriving, tribal, spacey and intensely psychedelic is a solid, geometric sound structure that will reverberate through time as a genuine and extraordinary work of art. An astounding, psychoactive journey with driving, pulsating bass lines, spiraling melodies and expansive, metagalactic soundscapes .Listening to oCeLoT might give you super human powers or it might just make you dance your ass off like never before.Psychedelic trance takes a big leap forward with stunning release from oCeLoT. oCeLoT Music is hypnotic to the max. Follow each twist and turn as you probe deeper into the unconscious psyche than ever before. Sophisticated and sexy grooves suck you into a world of shimmering surreal textures, alien melodies, with a compelling drive that wont let go. The clarity of sound quality will delight your ears. The sheer intensity and depth of this music will shock and stimulate your brain. This is music to awaken the mind. Your neurons will leap to attention. This is the ultimate antidote for the retro malaise.
OCeLoT Has Released 7 Albums and many Track in More than 50 Compilations in many different Style of Psychedelic Trance as Dark night,Twilight,Morning,Ambient and chill out.
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Dj Set :
Ambient Opening set by Chari
Zen (Cy) Azteca
Kul aka Datura (Cy) Circel
Johnny Blue (Cy) psylentharmony
Transshape Lotus Paradise
Elastic Vision (Cy) Numlock media
Live Ambient Closing by oCeLoT

Amazing UV Decoration by Sahasrara Art Crew

Fire show , Juggling, chai shop , sandwiches, snacks, fruits ,chilling Area , Camping Space, shaded dance floor and a thousand star beach …
Beautiful Smiles, Positive energy, Jugglers, Storytellers, Music Players, Nature Lovers, Dancing Queens, well mannered (friendly non biting) animals- ALL WELCOME!

Location : Governors Beach
Info : 99006658
Start : Sunset
Finish : Next Day
Admission : 20 € + 1 free Drink
Part of profit will be present to Charity , We are just sharing the expenses with the family and Hope one day we will be able to do free Currency events !

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