Look to the skys tonight!

Tonight there will be a little know wonder occuring in the skys above us!

There are two regular meteor showers that are observable from Cyprus. With the Geminids being visible on the night of December 12th and the Perseids on the night of August 12th.

They guys at the Cyprus Astrological Society suggest the following for watching meteor showers :

During these showers you may see 60 or more meteors per hour. To see meteors well, you need to go out to a dark sky site. We always see more meteors after midnight; then we are on the side of the earth facing forward along its motion around the sun, so we run into more space debris. The best way to watch for meteors is to dress warmly and lie back in a lawn chair so you can see the whole sky. Have a blanket or sleeping bag handy for additional warmth.

So our suggestion is to grab a few drinks, find a nice beach or mountain, lay back and enjoy natures fire-work show.