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Yes people, 67% of you asked for more facebook integration, and well we’ve answered you…

OnThisIsland.com is now the first fully facebook-integrated online magazine in Cyprus!

Many of you may be thinking, “I thought you already had a facebook application, whats the difference now?“. Well… you can now use your facebook login to access OnThisIsland.com, bringing across your details and display picture.

If you are wondering what that means for you. It provides the following features:

  • No need to fill in forms, one-click registration to OnThisIsland.com
  • Interaction with OnThisisland articles and event listings will show up on your mini-feed.
  • Your image, status and link to protected profile is available to other OTI readers.
  • You can see the latest facebook users who have logged into OTI.
  • And we are working on many others…

To register a new account using your facebook account, simply click on the ‘connect with facebook‘ button on the right of any OnThisIsland.com page. If you already have an OTI account, you can link it to your facebook profile by clicking the ‘already a member link‘.

Although we were ready to go with this a few months ago, we were waiting for the approval from the big blue social network, and whilst we were waiting they changed a few things, so don’t mind us as we iron out a few errors. 🙂 If you get it working, please feel free to comment here 🙂

Testing is on going but we will continue adding new features to increase your experience here at OnThisIsland.com.

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