Limassol Wine Festival 2009

winefest?he wine festival has been one of the featured events in Limassol, Cyprus’s wine capital, since 1961.

The Limassol Wine Festival was inspired by the ancient festivals dedicated to the God of wine Dionysus and honors the long island’s tradition of winemaking. The giant statue of a Cypriot wine-maker welcomes visitors at the entrance. At the festival, guests, both locals and foreigners, get the chance to try different local wines and traditional Cypriot food.

The festival includes several cultural events loosely linked to the glorious theme of wine. There are wine-themed songs by singers and choirs, traditional dances, theatrical performances, magic show, puppet show and more.

The price of the ticket for adults (5 Euro) includes a bottle of wine from a winery of your choice (ETKO, LOEL, KEO, SODAP). You can also buy wine in a plastic bottle or a glass for 1 Euro.

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