Limassol Night Guide – RnB Edition

Please Note That This Is 2007’s Guide, click here for More info on R&B In Cyprus.

“RnB music cannot be enjoyed unless you dress like 50 cent” This is a real comment that I heard in one of the places in Cyprus where RnB is played. Just for the record it is extremely difficult to dress like 50 since just the money that he pays for the trainers could feed an African country for a year! But its is a common stereotype that unless you wear baggy trousers, shirts down to your ankles and about 3 kilos worth of gold around your neck than you are not an RnB fan! So some of us do not go to extremes and but still enjoy to dance to music that makes your body go “Bump Bump Bump”. So where can RnB music fans and generally people who like to party go? Let’s get down to then hommies! Let’s start with the infamous Tourist Area in Limassol!


Personally I prefer to drink at a friend’s house until about 12 and then go down to Tourist area but hey, I am pathologically unique so I will concentrate on the majority! Let’s say the time to go out on average is at 10 and after. What places are open from this time? Well the infamous galatex of course! Let’s get a few facts straight though before we go on… Galatex is NOT a place where drug dealers are mostly active! Drugs are everywhere but the owners of bars have enough problems as it is so drugs are not welcome in bars! Galatex does NOT necessarily have fight throughout the night! Yes one or two fights per night but this happens in old town and in Sesto as well just deal with it! So…RnB places in Galatex!

Down Under

Probably the only true RnB/Hip Hop bar in tourist area which plays ONLY RnB and Hip Hop. Starting from slow songs at about 10 until crank at about 1 am the diversity of music played is huge! Recent hits, old classics and bouncy tunes all can be heard there. Personally I am not a real fan of RnB but the atmosphere is easy going in this bar and some songs just can’t keep you with your “backs on the bar”. Speaking of the bar… If you are above 17, that is! Let’s face it you need to have a few drinks just to get your mood up a bit more and so far I have been pleased with the quality of alcohol there. A bouncer at the door and the boss always present just makes the atmosphere safer. I do recommend down under as a starting point!

Choco, Westend and Full Monty’s (when it’s open)

What these clubs have is a good carefree vibe even though they are not RnB based. However they do play a lot of Hip Hop and RnB which is mixed with dance music and classic pop hits, just to make the atmosphere brighter. However, Greek music is also frequently played in these bars so if you are not a fan of Greek music then you will probably escape with the first half an hour! I on the other hand enjoy a mix and love dancing to all kinds off songs. The drinks at these bars are quite satisfactory however they could be better. The prices are relatively the same within Galatex.


Well I think there are only a few people who don’t know Rumours bar. Having a close link with Basement Disco (in terms of the Dj and Mc) Rumours is one of the most popular bar in Limassol and has been for a few years already. The music is stable RnB and Hip Hop ranging from old school to very current releases, even thought it can be a little being on the new releases; it still attracts a variety of people. If you are a fan of more recent and dancy Hip Hop style music Rumours is your place. Even though the range of drinks in Rumour exceeds Galatex, I would say that I was a little bit disappointed in some of the cocktails. However Rumours still is the only bar in the tourist area with an MC.

Let’s GO!!!

So now as the music closed in the bars and you are still in the mood to party where do you go? Obviously to a disco! Sorry to disappoint you folks but Tourist area doesn’t have much choice… especially if you like RnB.


Well known to everyone that it is an RnB/Hip Hop place but only after 2.30 am and before 4.00 am which, if my math skills are good enough, gives you more or less one hour and a half of solid Hip Hop dancing. The big dance floor in the middle is good for break dancing and for people who just want to “strut their stuff”. The Dj is from Rumours so there is little variation to the music played in Basement to the music played in Rumours. The standard range of drinks is more pricy in a disco but face it by this time you can’t see straight anyway. The new decos in this club also livens the atmosphere and the bouncers at the door and inside help make it safer. Definitely a place to go after bars to have a laugh.


Despite popular opinion Replay is not a pretentious place but a very down to earth place with a friendly staff and quiet good music. From 3 onwards the Dj from Down Under bar plays ONLY RnB and Hip Hop so this can be a variation to basement for a night. The amount of drinks is a bit limited but they have the essentials so the night can be fun. Its other bonus is that it is never jam packed as Basement which for me is better since I rather be with my “parea” and not be living it up like a sardine in a tin.