[Updated] Limassol man received €11k water bill for his 1 bedroom flat

The above image is going viral across Cyprus, documenting one man’s “war” with the Cyprus Water Board.

The image is captioned with the following:

After receiving my water bill a few days ago,and calling the Cyprus water board of Limassol to ask how the hell they worked out how i use so much water for a one bedroom flat,Customer services said that this bill is correct.

After numerous calls to Limassol water board and getting put on hold & pushed from one department to another and 2 days later,I finally managed to get hold of the manager and with a very bad attitude told me its not there problem and if not paid they will cut my water off.

Needless to say,i said ok cos if you think that am paying this you have another think coming.

According to replies and shares across social networks, he isn’t the only one to receive bills of this size.

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Update: After 2 hours of threatening to take them to the press/courts or flat-out refusing to pay… the manager cancelled the bill with a click of a mouse. All good right? Well no…

Our problem? What if this was sent to someone with no patience, will or time to fight them?