Limassol International Marathon GSO CYPRUS – 28 February 2010

Limassol International MarathonThe Limassol International Marathon GSO is a race that started only 3 years ago in Limassol Cyprus and which the new organizers, Olympus Event Management, aspire to develop into a very attractive and unique event.
Having managed to earn the accreditation of AIMS and IAAF, the Limassol Marathon aims to expand into a big athletic celebration at which Marathon runners from all over the world will meet to compete and to get together.
The race itself is unique as it is an absolutely flat race all the way along the seafront road of Limassol and its outskirts. For the greatest part of the race, the athletes have the sea on the south side of the route and a changing environment on the north side, ranging from the city buildings to parks and archaeological sites of 3,000 years of history.
Cyprus weather in February is perfect for the race as the temperature in this point of the year ranges around 15 degrees centigrade. Cyprus itself is a beautiful island, the third largest in the Mediterranean, famous for the hospitality of its people. As February is one of the low-tourist months, the accommodation and flight prices are extremely low, making the value for money of the journey to the island for the Marathon even greater.
Not so many runners are aware about the annual Limassol International Marathon GSO event. This is something we at OnThisIsland are helping them to change day by day. They are promoting the Limassol Marathon continuously thought the internet, they are making presentations to the biggest European marathons like the ones of Berlin, Lisbon, Frankfurt, Amsterdam and Athens and have decided to have their Marathon open to all runners with no qualifying time.
Their aim is to offer all participants of our Marathon a memorable experience which will combine a perfect organization with the friendliness and the beauty of our city Limassol and of our island Cyprus.
To learn more about the Limassol International Marathon GSO event visit their website at also take some time and visit all of their pages and read all you need to know about the island of Cyprus and our host city Limassol.
Don’t lose the opportunity to register for the Limassol Marathon taking place on Feburay 28 February 2010.They are accepting registrations through their website at