Limassol Council Says No To Tourism

announcementMany may argue that the title of this story is a bit harsh, but hear me out…

Once again the council of Limassol has stepped in and closed another nightlife center, Galatex, AGAIN. This following the revoking of licenses for Guaba Beach Bar a month or so before, it shows that Limassol’s council has decided, it can survive without the income provided by tourists, who used to attend Limassol’s clubs and bars. I guess it does not bother them if the local industries who relied on these tourists can survive.

OK, so what happened now? Many of you may remember the official closing of Galatex in March 2007, which didn’t last long with Sahara Bar being opened in August that year, with Hyper Bar opening soon after. Well… Galatex been closed again, with licenses being revoked due to ‘noise complaints’.

Many will argue that it’s OK as the new bars such as Sahara and Hyper were never as busy as their previously named bars; Full Monty and Down Under respectively. But this is also a problem which could have been avoided by the council:  Upgrading The Scene.

People liked ‘Tourist Area’ for its drink promotions and relaxed environment. Which the council complained created too much anti-social behavior. And many of us would agree that this is an effect of cheaper alcohol being available. However, as soon as troubles started the local Police should have stepped in to maintain the atmosphere, maybe even installed surveillance equipment to keep crime and violence out of the region. Granted, the violence was getting worse, but it was still at a low enough level to be dealt with effectively.

When Galatex ‘re-opened’ the bars went from the ‘local watering holes’ they were known for, to becoming ‘higher class’ lounges. Maybe the managers thought this is what their clientele wanted, or maybe they were forced to do so to regain their licenses. But with rising drink prices and more ‘face-control’, both tourists and local clubbers sought something else. Whether we look at the GUABA movement, with its key-phrase ‘only for party people, not for posers‘, or the constant migration of locals to other towns like Paphos and Ayia Napa for their nightlife fix, or even the fact that Limassol’s beaches and restaurants have never been as quiet as last Summer, we realise something is going wrong.

During a conversation with some friends earlier, they asked, what can we do? I ask you now, Lemeshiani, fellow party people, local business people, bar owners… stand together and lets show the local council what we want and need.

Bring Back our Party Scene, Bring Back our Tourism, Bring Back our Economy.

We don’t need million dollar bail-outs, we need you (the local governing bodies) to open your minds and offer a haven to the party animals of Europe who refuse to pay 10 Euro for a drink nor want to wear smart clothes to be allowed entry to a bar. Galatex did it well, you couldn’t maintain it, Guaba took it over, you couldn’t control it, stop closing these movements down,  but embrace them into your plans for the development of the town and it’s businesses.

Please leave your comments below if you support this, or not. [ Registering using facebook then commenting allows you to share this on your profile when you comment, getting your friends interested too ]. Please vote in the poll as-well. Thanks.







  • just my 2c, but i’m sure there are many of you who have similar opinions of the situation in Limassol.

    • They should reopen everything, or at the very least have a designated area purely for clubs and bars; another tourist area as our current tourist area is now a built-up area full of noise complaints etc. Cyprus’s economy is so dependant on tourism, its such a shock that there against is!

  • Natalie

    Well if they rely on only locals for the economy they wont go far, im allready planin to spend summer away from cyprus as it is becomin a borin place for summer vacations with only places like sesto to go to:P

    • for summer guys a new club will be open soon in Limassol its called IPNOTICA & please forget all that show off clubs that the music its not important support the local dj’s who are playing music because they love it & not because they get good money to play everything what they listen to radios or what they see in TV good dj’s play one style of music because when they play one kind they become better & people change that bad mentality that you’re going in a club just to see who is there go in the club to listen the dj go to listen new stuff that you will not see it in tv. with your support we can change thinks we need to fight the stupits back we need to show them that we are superior

      house music is a feeling just listen & enjoy…………………………………

  • Jennie

    very well said my friend =) could not agree more…if you compare Limassol to what it used to be around 6 years ago, its unrecognisable! all the cafes we see in tourist area today used to be bars and clubs which were packed with tourists from all over the world.People had a great time and the industry was thriving. if you look at it now all you see is what guaba calls the cafe culture of cyprus – BMWs parked outside cafes with people going for coffee for 10 euros as you said…and that’s all there is to it. these cafes are packed with locals. if this is their way of life, fine by me. theres countless amounts of cafes in limassol…what is the point of creating more and more?? moreover, where are the tourists supposed to go? tourists who come here for a chilled out time and some crazy party nights? i dont think they come here to sit in cafes smoking and drinking coffee all day..

    Guaba Beach Bar was THE place which created the atmosphere and even a way of life for people who are tired of this kind of culture. it is a place where people are themselves and can completely let go and party or chill if they choose to. nobody had to drive up there in a fancy car or wear “suitable” clothes. Guaba, in just a few years, became a way of life for so many people who look forward to every summer just because they know many amazing times will come at the Guaba beach. this however, bothered many people. but i think its very significant that the people bothred by this come from a tiny little segment of the cypriot society – that is lets say, the wealthier part. Guaba came in the way of building more and more mansions and the hundreds of people partying there every summer “disturbed” them and their “sophisticated” lifestyles. It is great to know that Guaba will live on and thrive on this barrier to its existence. And as you said Guaba is a movement, its not a place, its a way of life.

    Galatex is a very similar case. Years ago, the place was the centre of tourist attractions in limassol and it was a place for absolutely everybody – young, old, rich or poor – everyone was welcome and everyone had a blast there. now however, people need to be dressed in a certain way to go to a nightclub and people became “too cool” for Galatex!!!

    Anyway, i think Limassol is big enough to cater all interests. if people choose to dress to impress or spend huge amounts on a night out – they have their places to visit. if people choose to follow the cafe culture, let them. but i believe the ‘authorities’ should not omit the other part of the cypriot culture which they have been doing over the past few years by closing down places such as Galatex and now going against Guaba. These places were the essence of tourism in limassol, they also gave many job opportunities for locals and foreigners. they were a big part of the economy. this is all changed now, forcing tourism out of limassol to other cities.

    Its a pretty big reply =P but i feel very strongly about this and really hope that if we, party people, come together and do something, there could be a chance for change!!!

    • jennie, thanks an i hope we can all come together to put the people responsible in place! share this with your friends… lets get people together on this!

  • Kalli Rache

    jennie i totaly agree with you!!!! plus the police had so many issues about how galatex was so dangerous that it encouraged drinking and violence and drugs….erm when galatex closed there was still kids getting drunk but in dark parks and on beaches because even if they passed laws that kiosks couldnt sell alcohol we all know that it was bullshit….u can still get drinks and getting drunk in dark places didnt really turn out well as we all remember!!!!!!
    i mean yea it was alcohol and fights in galatex but it was CONTAINED by the bouncers stepping in and i remember countless times when mimis called a cab for drunken people!we also didnt serve people who looked too young and stopped serving someone who looked like they had too much!!!! and btw there are brawls in Sesto and old town aswel BTW!!!!
    our generation grew up in galatex and we turned out ok….ish:D:D:D bottom line is that we made great friends but most importantly we ahd a chance to go somewhere where it was affordable for our age, not some high class place but a chilled out atmosphere!and kids now will have nowhere to go and party because in cyprus they think of short term gains!they will ruin the one place designated for teens and then there will be nowhere they can go!and then the cycle will begin all over again : drinking in drunk places…..

    • Kiko

      Its not the bouncers jobs to stop fights outside the bar/club though. There should be regular ID checks and to be honest I feel sorry for the people who have to put up with the noise which is why is why I believe its too late to save galatex.

      They need a new designated club strip

  • James

    It’s a joke. when i was 16, downunder, woodies and all those bars were the life of this town. free shots and drinks brought tourists again and again and kept the drinks down. i dont know about you but i cant afford 5 euro beers due to growing up with £1.50 pints and now having a high tolerance to alcohol and less money in my pocket being a student. ive had 40 times more fun in pafos recently (something i NEVER thought id admit to as it used to be for the old and retired)… lemeso, my home town and the town i love… is going to shit. without tourists, money will not continue to thrive.. and with the recession.. is this the only town in the world not to be affected? in paris they charge 4 euros for a coffee.. here.. 4.50 euros!! what’s up with that?

    the govt need to buck up there act, lower prices on everything, because tourists will just continue to go to Kavos and Ibiza, while we rot. galatex was fun when it catered to tourists and I want that back because there’s nowhere to go anymore

  • Kiko

    People just want to be seen in Limassol and is slowly slowly turning into a “cafe scene”..
    Perhaps this is why more and more people are going to places in the old town since tourist area isn’t the same as it used to be; its dead.

    Bring back guaba and fuck the posers/sesto etc.

    house music for life

    • Kiko as much as I agree with the house music for life ideology, posers and the being seen scene of cyprus is pretty much stuck here for good, so why cant we have both?

      Larnaka has cafes and clubs and bar, Pafos has all three too, why must Limassol be left out from this pull on tourism and foreign funding.

      • Kalli Rache

        i agree!!! Limassol was always a great place for tourists where ,unlike Napa, there was a lil bit of everything…now Pafos has all this and Limassol is loosing out which is not really fair on the people who depend on tourism!
        Yes the noise coming from galatex was a lil bit loud for the people living above but to be fair the only people who lived there were tourists or people who worked in tourist area… and Guaba is a great place but there needs to be some variety in music to suit everyone!

  • Limassol is never dying guys & house music is here only in IPNOTICA club & Guaba of course 😉

  • Come on all you party Animals in cyprus lets bring the night life back to limassols tourist area and let us bring you Ministry of Sound @ BASEMENT CLUB THIS SUMMER and some other well known events.
    Please leave your comment on our basement group Discussion Board page

    let’s show the limassol council that Cyprus’s economy is so dependant on tourism.


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    • James

      if you think about it though… closing all of the tourist bars like Woodies, and bringing in the music ban after 12am or something around that time makes tourists feel like theyre not welcome. prices are more expensive than paris for drinks.. 5 euros for a beer or more? that’s 5 POUNDS now..

      Solution = bring down prices, re-open tourist pubs and bars and get rid of the music ban. if you dont like it. move out of tourist area!

      • 5 euros is cheep you should go to some other places i wont name them, but u can pay as high as 9-10 euros for a drink
        its the owners of the pub putting the prices up.
        thats why its up to the C.T.O. and wake up ………..

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