Lil Jon Concert: 7 Days, 7 Fan-Challenges, 7 Free Tickets

Welcome to an exclusive give-away for the Lil Jon concert in Nicosia on the 8th of October 2011.

From Wednesday 21st September until Wednesday the 28th of September we will be giving away 1 ticket per day via a fan challenge.

Keep an eye on this page each day for info on the day’s challenge.

28/09/2011 Fan-Challenge : The 3 people who get the most friends to comment below saying ‘My Friend [Your Full Name] Deserves a Ticket’ by Saturday morning all get free tickets.

25/09/2011 Fan-Challenge : Name the first movie Lil Jon ever featured in using the comment system below. (1 Ticket) Congrats Panayiotis!

24/09/2011 Fan Challenge : Make up a sentence using at least one of Lil Jon’s songs and the word ‘OnThisIsland’. (Best 2 get a ticket each) Congrats Rachael and Demetris!

21/09/2011 Fan-challenge : First user to upload a photo to our Fanpage wins a ticket to the concert. Congrats George!

Just to clarify:

7 Fan Challenges will be issued. One each day. Each challenge will have one winner. That winner gets a ticket to the concert for FREE.

Challenges vary. Sometimes the first user to complete it wins, sometimes the more creative user wins. We will inform you each day though. Good luck!

As per usual, the decision of OnThisIsland admins is final. End of. 🙂

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