Les Facebook Misrables? Moi?

chindos camera guyI’m chuckling at an article in’ The Cyprus Weekly’ titled: Is Facebook envy making you miserable?

German researchers have decided that people are envious when they see their friends’ happy families in photos on FB. Women get green eyed over seeing physically attractive images of other women. One in three people who check their FB accounts feel resentful, especially when looking at holiday snaps of their friends but also when seeing social interaction. Comparing how many Birthday wishes they got versus the number their friends received, provoked loneliness. To mollify the sensations the researchers found that men like to boast of their achievements whilst women post photos that make them look more attractive.

Duh. Who on earth would post photos of themselves that make them look terrible, I wondered? And is a guy going to put up photos of himself at his apex or should he show us how he pumps his own petrol wearing a dirty shirt? Hello- we want to see our friends looking good, right?

Cypriots love Facebook. One Green Monday, a couple years back, I was amused to see a girl from a remote Paphos village check her phone and smile at something her ‘gangsta’ New York City FB friend just said. We’re celebrating and eating weeds, basically, in the middle of nowhere and she’s hanging on FB with a boy in NYC? Her Yiayia blinked incomprehensibly. Cypriots are social, so obviously the social network platforms were designed for the people who happen to live in the navel of the world (Us)

I have an American friend who just decided to immigrate here. She’s at that puppy love stage where she drives around taking photos of cats and fields posting them on FB with sentences ending in exclamation points. I’m a bit envious of her, I’ll admit, because she isn’t friends with Chindos.
chindos landscapeArghhhh! Chindos my nemesis! I used to think it was cool to take photos all over the island- you can’t take a bad shot on Cyprus. You want great natural light? Ta da! You need something to aim at? Looking for astonishing natural beauty? This island is truly a photographer’s paradise. I’d begun to think that my good camera and I were taking lovely little photos until this master turned up in my life. Of course we became Facebook friends- he’s great, really. His Kalimera photos slap my artistic sensibilities senseless. Kathemera. What do you think of his little pictures? I think of them as Cyprus through a wise and loving lens.

The guy goes for a walk around Polis in the morning and pops these masterpieces on Facebook saying ‘Kalimera!’ to his lucky friends.

Some mornings he manages to send two or three inspiring shots he’s taken before a few of us have managed to extricate ourselves from our warm beds.

Of course I don’t suffer from FB envy. Do you? If you don’t you might consider sending a friend request to a certain Andreas Chindos Constandinou, the gentleman who happened to take these fabulous shots. I’m not jealous of him, but my camera is…

Chindos boat sunset