Lakme @ Medieval Paphos Castle (Paphos)

lakmePafos Aphrodite Festival” opens its doors for the eleventh year running aspiring to offer once more a unique experience to all music aficionados and to lead the audience through the magical roads of lyric theatre.

On September 4, 5 and 6 the National Opera of Sofia will present Leo Delibes’ popular opera “Lakme” at the Pafos Medieval Castle. The opera of the French composer Leo Delibes “Lakme”, in three acts, is considered one of the most exotic operas ever written and its prelude is supposedly one of the most sensual.

It premiered at the Paris Opera Comique on April 14, 1883. The libretto, which is in French, was written by Edmond Condinet and Philippe Gille and is based on Pierre Loti’s novel RarahuouLeMariagedeLoti that has strong autobiographical elements.

For this year’s festival “Pafos Aphrodite Festival” promises a renewed high calibre production. The magic of the Pafos Medieval Castle, Delibes artistic genius, Pafos Aphrodite Festival, high standard, the long experience of the producer compose the parts that guarantee the success of this year’s performances.

The opera is full of beautiful scenes, unique and popular arias such as the “The Flower Duet” and the “Bell Song”, grand chorals, ballet, intense passion, sumptuous sets that carry the audience to the exotic place where the story takes place, rising to high intensity and complicated finales.

It is not by chance that “The Flower Duet” is considered amongst the most popular pieces that has inspired many composers, even not lyric ones, and film producers as well as all the media and even advertisements (British Airways).

For further information and reservations the public may call the Company’s office in Pafos: 26822218, or the toll-free number 8000 8005 as well as visit the web page

There will be a simultaneous overtitle translation in Greek and English..

Lakme: the story

19th century India. The story tells of the contrast between two civilizations and the love that crosses national frontiers

Nikalantha a Brahmin priest and sworn enemy of the British colonists, has entrusted his daughter Lakme with the tending of the sacred garden while he would be away. A group of British visitors enter the sacred garden and Gerald, an English officer, falls in love with Lakme, who reciprocates the feelings. Nikalantha is furious for the violation of the holy garden and seeks the guilty person. The priest dresses as a pauper and forces his daughter to sing at the market so as to attract the culprit. Gerald falls into the trap and Nikalantha stabs him. Lakme hides her lover in a hut in the forest and tends him until he recovers. Frederick, Gerald’s friend, informs him that he has to return to his military duties and Lakme poisons herself.

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