klubd XMAS PARTIES (Nicosia)

Dec.24 Mike Wall > Xmas Gomez > Dec.26th Fabrizio Maurizi (Italy – M_nus)
Dec.24 Mike Wall > Xmas Day with Gomez > Dec.26th Fabrizio Maurizi (Italy – M_nus)

XMAS EVE With Mike Wall (Berlin)

Admission: 10

In the 90’s Mike Wall made his first experiences with electronic music. In these years, he started mixing tapes and playing his first gigs in Mecklenburg. But he released under the name Mike Wall for the first time on the record label Modulat in 2005, and since then things started looking up for him. In the same year, he played at the legendary Melt Festival and refurnished his studio. These changes brought a fresh wind in his EP’s like “Loose Changes” or “She Comes” and let his productions seem much more smooth and warm. He is known over the border of Germany for the variety in his sets, because even listeners in Italy, Spain, Greece, Austria and Switzerland were very enthusiastic about his dynamic sounds.

In 2006, his début vinyl was released on the London minimal label named Safari Electronique, which is home to very talented producers such as Italoboyz, Delete and Arnaud le Textier, just to name a few.

Since then, a lot happened and he released on labels like smallroom music, Dilek, Lordag, Meerestief and his own label Orphik. With the foundation of Orphik Recordings, he took a further step into independence and he began to push unknown artists and labels with the credo of having the best fun out of it.

Although artists like Steve Bug had influenced him a lot during many years, he found his own sound. The symbiosis of techno and groove lays perfectly in his warm baselines, but Mike himself his unstoppable and pushes his artistic limits all the time.


XMAS DAY With Anestie Gomez

Admission: 7

He looks bored, yet restless, with a blank face, yet searching eyes.Confident solely in controversy, Gomez only stands still in the utmost moments of insanity, as if for emphasis.
Born in Athens, Greece, on a rainy day * in the mid 80s, Anestie to his mom,always had an innate and almost unbearable itch for music. At the age of nine,His dad sponsored the purchase of his first vinyl record, Deep Purple’s Made in Japan. “Growing up with 70’s and 80’s rock sparked a lifestyle of not caring much,” he admits, but it also made him quickly realize his love for music. Unable to play any instruments, DJing became the quick remedy he was searching for.
17 years old, Gomez moved to Cyprus and landed a radio show which catapulted him straight to the centre of the electronic music scene in the country.
He gradually developed an inimitable style and sound – impulsive, raw and unpredictable. “Nothing gets me off like a solid kick-snare combination.” Combining his superb mixing skills with unexpected effects quickly established Anestie as a promising new talent on the island and soon earned him gigs with James Zabiela and Desyn Masiello.
From then on, while gigging with the likes of dOP, Danton Eeprom, Lee Curtiss, Audiojack, Nic Fanciulli, J.Phlip, Alland Byallo Chris Fortier, Touane, Paolo Mojo, Dean Coleman [Yoshitoshi], Lee Burridge, Jonathan Lisle [Bedrock]. From London to Tokyo and from San Francisco to Nic Fanciulli’s Worlwide Sounds Radio show, Anestie starts showing his abilities to the world. His amazing mixing skills complement his phenomenal energy behind the DJ box.
He is eager to share such stories, but utterly bored when asked about anything too trivial. In his world, normality is a sin. When he is posed with a question that he finds uncreative, he answers the one you were going to ask next. “I don’t want a big break – pace is the trick,” he shares when asked what he aims for. True to his unyielding originality, when queried about his musical influences Gomez skips from surrealism to philosophy.Invariably looking for a relief from triviality, he has long been fond of philosophy as a vent for his sporadic ponders on the existence of people and things. Thriving on abnormality, even his phobias are as random as his thoughts – bunny suits, hotel beds, bathtubs with legs etc .*
In 2007, following another childhood dream, Gomez moved to San Francisco, longing for influence-extravaganza, searching for madness, scanning the invisible corners of the world around him for hooks. Enthralled with the surreal reality of the city, Gomez blended in with the bohemian ambiance of San Francisco as if he defined it. It was this laid-back vibe that sparked an instant connection with the fellow DJs of the Werd crew. An accidental meeting in a club in San Fran brought the gang together, driven by a passion for inspired deep minimal tech house. But the Northern Californian metropolis offered Anéstie a lot more – the luxury of being surrounded by mind tickling incongruousness at every step, whether it is a six-feet-tall drag queen in the park or yuppies riding the subway next to a streaker.*
Despite all of the influence he’s absorbing, Anestie still stands dogmatic for the tiniest issues. He often complains when people munch their food around him – he actually hates it; where’s a Savoir Vivre when you need it? Bus drivers should be kind when asked a question, they often roar, slowly sinking into their boredom. Morals, self, identity, social context, labels, relativity, subjectivity – none of these exist. “Maybe there is no self at all, and we just keep changing. Why should I be in a box when everything is in constant motion, and why [should] we try to define intangible things and treat them as if they were real objects?” *
*Hint : maybe it was sunny, I can’t remember
*Hint : don’t show up dressed in a bunny suit when I play
*Hint : true story
*Hint : don’t compare this to Nietzsche. Maybe you can, I like the man alot.
Written by Albena Georgieva 2009 © (

BOXING DAY With Fabrizio Maurizi
Sunday Dec.26th
Inspired by theories of subtraction, advancement and experimentation, minus is home to the various projects of Richie Hawtin.

Techno like you never heard it before!

Fabrizio Maurizi (a.k.a Roger on the Italian scene) is a native of Bologna (Italy), a city that has always paid particular attention to the original Detroit Techno movement, making it the perfect place to grow up in terms of music. After a brief spell as part of the city’s militant illegal rave scene, Fabrizio soon graduated to residencies at some of the most important clubs in the country. Fascinated by the Neapolitan techno scene and above all, by the first time he saw Richie Hawtin playing, his sound started moving in a resolutely minimal direction. Fabrizio started producing his own sounds, switching to music software programs after 10 years of studying piano. Completely hooked on very low bassline frequencies, his tracks explore the sometimes dark, sometimes funky side of techno, using completely mad vocal samples to give his music a unique flavour. Fabrizio definitely has DJing in his blood, liking nothing more than to lead the dancefloor out of darkness into light and vice versa, allowing his music to slowly evolve through the interplay of rhythmic analog elements and jumping basslines. Motivated by dreams of one day being part of the Minus family, he made the decision to only send his music to Richie. Maybe this was too ambitious…but he was convinced it was the right way.

Admission 12 EURO

Basic Info
Record Label:M_nus


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