Just Off! 2 Cypriots in Finals, no medals though!

Having just watched the Skeet shooting finals, and having proudly seen two Cypriot Olympic athletes compete amazingly, I am disappointed to report that they finished JUST out of medal placing.

Final Results :

G: HANCOCK Vincent (USA)
S : BROVOLD Tore (Norway)
B : TERRAS Anthony (France)

4 : NIKOLAIDIS Antonis (Cyprus)
5 : ACHILLEOS Georgios (Cyprus)
6 : QU Ridong (China)

From official Beijing 2008 site :

A shoot-off also decided the winner of the bronze medal. Anthony Terras of France and Antonis Nikolaidis of Cyprus were tied on 120 targets after the final, with Terras taking the bronze after winning the shoot-off.

Both Terras and Nikolaidis missed one target on their first pair of shots during the shoot-off. Nikolaidis then missed another target on his second pair of shots, giving Terras the opportunity to win the bronze medal. Terras did not let the opportunity slip and hit both targets on his second pair of shots, thus winning the bronze medal.

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