International Rugby Board documentary about Cyprus

A great short story about Cyprus’ qualification to the next division of World Rugby.

Have a listen, and if you understand Greek, have a giggle at the translations at certain points.

Keep up the work boys, as an ex-Rugby player, I enjoy hearing about Cyprus Rugby growing more and more.

Here’s the video:

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  • Yes, nice story, and relaxing game… I don’t speak greek to giggle at some translation, but I was surprised to see how few cypriots were actually at this game in Paphos.
    Most of the crowd was british (more than 90%) and they were cheering like England was playing.
    Aren’t the cypriots interested in rugby?

  • unfortunately rugby has not reached the ears or eyes of the general Cypriot public.

    we at OTI are trying to change this in any way we can 🙂

    • peter

      im not a big rugby fan but this is great news for cyprus sport community.

      ela cyprus sikose to!!