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in-our-inboxWe have decided to open up a new collumn for letters from users who would like to express their opinion on a topic that annoys, suprises, worries them about life or living in Cyprus.

I was reading a newspaper today and I came across an article which made me wonder.. so I just need your comments.

The article quoted that the “Cyprus Green Party is having concerns about the decision of Ayios Tihonas council to give land to Cyprus Sports Federation for the construction of additional Beach Volleyball courts”. I don’t have any objection in the creation of the courts, but the problem is that in Protaras area, there are 6 courts that have been built up in 2006 for the 3rd International Student Beach Volleyball Cup. Despite the bad condition the courts are in now, with a small maintenance fee I believe that they can be perfect for the needs of the ‘Small Countries Games‘ which is the cause of building the courts in Ayios Tihonas. I don’t understand the logic behind the waste of time, money and land.

Thank you

Loizos Vasiliou

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