I like the new facebook!

Stating that you actually like the ‘new facebook‘ these days is almost sure to spark off a debate of some kind… So instead of stating it again and again I have concluded some things I think the average user of the network will find very useful, time consuming and utterly brilliant, once they have adapted to the cosmetic changes of their favourite social network.

SPEED, it cannot be denied that the new version is far quicker than the old. In the new facebook, checking status updates, latest photo uploads and such, is far simpler and honestly neater as well as it being easier to navigate to and through. For people who disagree with this, the guys (and girls) over at FB have still left the Photos, Groups, Events and Friends systems as they were, just bordered by the rounder new design.

Applications. One of the biggest innovations to facebook as a whole was the opening of their platform to outside developers to  build applications. Many awesome applications were created, but as with many great innovations it too was followed closely behind by the copy-cats, resulting in many many annoying applications (see picture [source: BigBlueBall.com Forums] )  promising to provide information about anything from ones sexual preferences to what character they are most likely to be in such-and-such a series or movie.

I remember groups popping up all over the place begging facebook to take back their decision and stop myspace-ifying effects the applications had on the quick and simple idea that was facebook. People complained about privacy, security and most memorably the extended loading and scrolling time to open and post on someones wall.

Well, facebook stuck to their decision, and made some major changes, released with this new version. Now you can choose which applications you want on your main profile, but still access the rest using the ‘boxes’ tab of your profile. They have also allowed you to add applications to your favourites (bottom left hand corner), meaning you have links to them on every facebook page. Security and privacy have also been beefed up with the new version, so even the paranoid user can use more applications without letting go of their level of security.

Commenting and Posting Status Upgrades. This is one of my favourite new features, allowing you to comment on almost anything, from status changes, to relationship changes, even to event RSVPs. You dont have to wait for another page to load, or try and post every single thing on peoples’ walls.

Posting status updates are easier than ever and are given alot of notice on profile pages, making them very valuable to the users who ‘facebook’ for networking purposes, or even for the casual users who just have something to share.

The white-space issue. Many users complained about the way the layout is spaced, leaving plenty of blank areas around the site, on which I do have to agree, however a major factor has been neglected. Facebook has over 500 employees. These minds are busy developing on what was simply a small community of profiles with guestbooks ( see image [ source : valleywag.com] ). They WILL add new services and systems we probably have not thought we need, but won’t be able to live without once they’re implemented. White-space should be seen as a coming-soon label aswell as a region that facebook can use to further promote their advertising system.

With an advertising system that delivers commercials to you based on YOUR preferences, or by notifying you that your friends are recommending them, it allows us to no longer have to ignore adverts and even find new services and systems to use.

Conclusion. Overall I believe that, once again, facebook has made a move in the right direction and will not, nor should they, go back on it. The more users find the new and improved features of the system, the more open they will be to the cosmetic changes that were coupled with it.

There’s my 2c, if you agree or disaggree please feel free to leave me a comment below.