HTC Shift – Bridging the void between PDAs and Full-Spec Laptops

This 7” touch screen tablet PC could be the very latest step forward in technology, with a slide out’n’tilt keyboard and fingerprint recognition it is a truely amazing piece of technology.

It comes with a fully operating Windows Vista OS, 40 or 60GB hardrives, a USB and VGA port, webcam, and USIM and SIM card slots with hotswap functionality. Needless to say its also got bluetooth and wifi connectivity.

The drawback with the HTC Shift is that its battery power is just over 2 hours when using it on balanced power mode and its quite pricey at £850. However, it doesnt heat up when being used unlike the Fujitsu U810 and is extremely quiet, the tablet is quite the power house sporting an Intel A110 800MHz processor, which is really impresive for a tablet PC.

Another problem with the HTC is that to some extent it just seems to be a glorifed PDA with the exception that it CAN’T make phonecalls.

I’ll leave you to make your own conclusions, available in Cyprus from – September 2008.

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