hack{Cyprus} Youth Day


This is an event we HAVE to scream out about…

Since they describe it so well here’s the official description:

A day dedicated to the next generation of great Cypriot technologists. We will be hosting a variety of fast-paced workshops for students aged 13-19 who are interested in programming and would like to learn more about the principles of coding, engineering and robotics. Our main aim is to inspire and educate students to get more involved with technology, not only during school hours, but also with extra-curricular activities.

The day consists of two groups, one for those between 13 and 16 and another for the rest above 16 and under 19 years old.

From learning to code through games, to a mini hackathon, we honestly can’t recommend this event enough to anyone! If you have a child, sibling, cousin, nephew, friend or student who has an appetite for technology and is under 19, let them know about this event!

More information here: http://2013.hackcyprus.com/youth-day/

Full Disclosure: We are media supporters of this event, but have chosen to do so in order to promote entrepreneurship in Cyprus.