Gunman in Limassol evades Police

We’ve been following and updating our followers and facebook friends about the situation with a gunman who was running from the Police across Limassol earlier.

As there’s been a slow-down of information, we’ve been able to quickly put this together to give you the rough list of the news as we got it.

We’ll update this post with updates as we get them.

  1. Andrea Onoufriou (63) was recently released from prison. Following reports that he was armed,  police arrived at his home.
  2. He opened fire into the air with a G3 military rifle, and escaped on foot in the NAAFI area.
  3. Following leads the Police believed he was hiding in the Fysco Lotus Plaza building. This lead them to lock-down the building.
  4. Rumours spread that he had been smuggled out of the area in a white van which was then seen near the Kolossi area.
  5. Police share the following image and ask for anyone with information to get in touch.

Updates 25/04:

  • at 9 PM it was believed that Onoufriou was hiding out in Ayia Phyla.
  • during a raid they found 260 bullets
  • rumours are circulating that Onoufriou has already fled to the occupied territories

Police have asked for anyone with any information to call them on 1460, 199 or 112 or TAE Limassol on 25805511 or 25805054.




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