Gift Idea for February : Lava Lamps

Lava Lamps from Saripolou Street Limassol This month’s gift idea is the legendary lava lamp. Awarded the title ‘A Design Classic’ by the Design Council in 2000, the lava lamp has existed for nearly four decades.

Lava as a philosophy: The primordial ooze that once ruled our world has been captured in perpetual motion.
Lava is the moment: Its ever changing patterns are hypnotizing yet invigorating.

Lava is prehistoric and post modern. Lava is here to stay. Those oozy symbols of spaced-out kitsch from the 1960s, are making a comeback around the world. The original lava lamp is a defining and iconic image that is still regarded as a contemporary piece today.

Edward Craven Walker, best known as the inventor of the lava lamp, passed away recently. He lived long enough to see his 1963 hit product make a comeback in recent years.

Walker first begun manufacturing the lamps in 1963. By the late 1960s they were a popular item for college dorm rooms, doctors’ offices, and hip living rooms. The lamps invite daydreaming, as the viewer watches the globs of ‘lava’ float slowly through the liquid lamp, creating ever-changing shapes.
After years of experience the Mathmos brand (winner of two Queens awards for export) specializes in innovative lighting, patenting products like AirSwitch lamps (technology that allows you to control lights simply by moving your hand in the air above them), Aduki (awards won) and Aduki-ni, Space Projector, Blimp, Minilamp and others.

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