Game releases (6 – 10 April 2009)

A short post for a slow week.

I played Puzzle Quest: Challenge of the Warlords, the predecessor of Galactrix, on the PSP and I was not drawn to it. I quit playing after 1 hour. But, there is no denying that I was in the minority of people as the game was immensely successful. Among those charmed and addicted to the game were a few friends of mine as well.

puzzqgalatrixmainheadNow D3Publisher, after the PC and DS release, is releasing the new Puzzle Quest: Galactrix on Xbox Live Arcade this week for 1600 Microsoft points (around Euros18). I have a link to one of the game’s trailers for anyone not familiar with the game. Link

Puzzle Quest:  Galactrix is my game of the week (Eurogamer review 7/10 – Link)

Alternatively, you can ignore games this week and get BBC’s Planet Earth on dvd or blu-ray instead.

That’s what I did…..


The Godfather II
Velvet Assassin
Puzzle Quest: Galactrix
Resident Evil 5: Versus mode



The Godfather II
Resident Evil 5: Versus mode


Pirates Vs Ninjas: Dodgeball
Skate City Heroes
Ultimate Band


Away: Shuffle Dungeon
Blue Dragon Plus
Jewel Quest: Solitaire
Ultimate Band
Love Is In Bloom: The Flower Shop Garden


We Rock: Drum King
Velvet Assassin
Elven Legacy
The Godfather II

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  • peter

    good stuff as usual mate.more info on 360 and PS3 would be appreciated. also im interested in the Planet Earth Blu ra, you know the prices and where they have it?

  • Thx Peter!

    Planet Earth (blu-ray) is EUR32.50 (P&P is free for cyprus) from Check this link.

    About 360 and PS3 there wasn’t anything really worthwhile this week. If you are looking for information for something specific on these consoles let me know.

    • peter

      cool 32.50 euro for a blue ray like planet earth is a steal!! however i dont buy stuff online, id prefer to go to a store and get it. you have any idea which stores have it in limassol? otherwise ill just wait till i get back to uk

      well in regards to 360 and PS3 there are plenty of stuff of interest in the last month that havent been mentioned. The GDC convention for one, and second capcoms mega releases on both consoles- RE5 and Street Fighter 4. Killzone 2, Halo Wars and Madworld (wii) are another 3 that pop in mind. Although i do enjoy reading about the DS i think me and others who read the articles would be interested in reading about the hard hitters.
      but nonetheless your articles are very well informed and am looking forward to the next ones!

  • Unfortunately i don’t know any stores in Limassol that might sell Planet Earth 🙁

    I mentioned RE5 and SFIV and Madworld in previous weeks’ articles for Game releases.

    To be honest i want to write about more than just weekly game releases. Like you mentioned for example about GDC. Unfortunately, i don’t find the time but i am planning to squeeze in a couple of more monthly articles in here. Especially since now i know there are people that are really interested in these things.

    Thx for the valuable feedback Peter!

    • peter

      my pleasure mate.

      ill have a look around limassol but i doubt theyll have it at 32 euros. ill just wait till im back in the uk.

      its nice to meet fellow game enthusiasts in cyprus…. and then blow their brains out online later! 🙂
      i need to reconnect my PS3 back online soon i hope. my psn id is garos82.

      looking forward to the next article