Game releases (30 March – 3 April 2009)

nintendo-dsi3The original DS was released in 2004 amid skepticism about the console’s chances to rightfully succeed its predecessor, the mighty Game Boy. Sony’s handheld invsasion with the PSP looked like it would steal Nintendo’s lead in handhelds with its shiny, sleek and powerful console. The DS on the other hand was bulky, ugly, and featured a touch screen. How would that work in games?

5 years later the DS is estimated to have worldwide sales of around 96million units. It has simply become a phenomenon with adults and children alike. Whether it’s Mario Kart, Brain Training or Nintendogs it seems like everyone has fallen in love with it.

What’s new?

The Nintendo DSi console is the third version of Nintendo’s handheld DS console. The new version is similar in shape to the current model the DS Lite but with some minor differences in appearance. It now has a mat surface so no more fingerprints all over the console and also the screens are just a bit bigger and brighter.

With regards to features, Nintendo has added two cameras. The first is looking towards the player while the second away from the player. The DSi is Wi-Fi ready from the go, so no more add-ons required like in the previous versions to get online.

The Game Boy Advance port/slot has been removed and in its place there is a SD card slot for storage. Now this is big new feature of the console. Why does the DSi need more storage space? Because Nintendo will have a new online store, called the DSiware which will open on the day of the console’s launch, April 3rd. Here, one will be able to buy and download games straight to the DS over the Internet. This will allow for the development of smaller, innovative and lower budget games reaching consumers much like the Xbox Live Arcade and Playstation Store.

Is it worth buying?

If you don’t already own a DS, then this is definitely the version to buy. If you do own the DS Lite however i would adopt a wait and see policy for now as it’s unclear how good the DSiware games will be and how much time will be needed to establish a good library of games.

Whatever your decision may be, the Nintendo DSi is my pick of the week and my tribute to the most successful console of this generation.

Release List 30 March – 3 April


Ninja Blade
Wanted: Weapons Of Fate
WSC Real 09: World Snooker Championship


Wanted: Weapons Of Fate
WSC Real 09: World Snooker Championship


Yamaha Supercross
Smiley World: Island Challenge
Tenchu: Shadow Assassins


Fenimore Filmore’s Revenge
Yamaha Supercross
Wallace & Gromit’s Grand Adventures


Nintendo DSi console
Valkyrie Profile: Covenant Of The Plume
Beyond the Portals
Dementium: The Ward
Let’s Play: Mums
Let’s Play: Shops
Smiley World: Island Challenge


Tenchu: Shadow Assassins

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