GAME RELEASES (20 – 24 APRIL 2009)

pikminwiiThe nominees for game of the week are:

The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena is the sequel to the critically acclaimed xbox exclusive Escape from Butcher Bay. One of those rare games which were actually better than the movie they were based on. Starbreeze, a talented developer team (makers of The Darkness), has included in the package a remake of the original game. So anyone who has not played the original game is purchasing 2 games. If i had not played the demo a few weeks ago this would definitely be my game of the week choice. Unfortunately, i did not enjoy the demo as i found it to be your typical run and shoot in corridors type of FPS. There is a significant stealth gameplay element but i just did not experience it. However the game has received relatively good reviews so i may be wrong (again) and is definitely worth a look if you have not played the original game.

Here’s what Eurogamer thinks. “Assault on Dark Athena certainly isn’t the next-generation sequel it deserved, and compared to the cream of the current shooter crop it’s an average effort.” Link.

Also i will start linking to video reviews of the games. Here’s one at Gametrailers for Assault on Dark Athena Link

Pikmin 2 which is another remake of a game first released on the Gamecube. The improvement is not the graphics but the Wii controls. Here you are Captain Olimar and you have a small army of ant-like flower people to collect items, fight enemies and clear paths. I played the original Pikmin and loved it. The time limit involved in each level was removed in Pikmin 2 which was something that i hated in the original Pikmin. Porting Gamecube titles to the Wii is an easy way out to the current problem Nintendo is facing which is that not enough good single player games are coming out for the console. However, as long as these ports are of the quality of Resident Evil 4, Okami and Pikmin 2 then it’s a least an opportunity to play the few Gamecube gems that went unappreciated.

This is video of the game’s tutorial Link. It will give you an idea of how the game plays.

Eurogamer “For those who’ve never experienced this true original, however, or for those who want to be reunited with it, New Play Control! Pikmin 2 comes highly recommended.” LINK

In case you have not noticed i also highlighted another game under the Wii releases. Little King’s Story. I don’t know anything about the game to be honest. However, i did read the Edge review where it got a Link 9/10. It seems to be an excellent original game for the Wii again involving the management of your underlings like Pikmin above and Overlord. “You control a boy who’s the new king of Alpolko, a minor region in the centre of the world, and has the ability to control his peasants.” It seems it’s worth checking out.

My choice of the game of the week has to be something that i know and appreciated before. Pikmin 2 is my game of the week.

Release List


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2
Rock Revolution
The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena


Dynasty Warriors: Gundam 2
Rock Revolution
Singstar: Pop Edition
The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena


Little King’s Story

Minon: Everyday Hero
Namco Museum: Virtual Arcade
Pikmin 2


Left Brain Right Brain 2
Maths Blaster In The Prime Adventure
Mind, Body & Soul: Big MinDStorm 2
Mind, Body & Soul: Big Word Puzzle Book
Rock Revolution
Wonderworld: Amusement Park
YuGi-Oh! 5D’s Accelerator


The Chronicles Of Riddick: Assault On Dark Athena
Women’s Murder Club: Death In Scarlett
Gobliiins 4

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