Gabriel and Dresden @ Guaba Beach Bar (Limassol)

And the Guaba People do it again, bringing you ANOTHER FREE EVENT!

Gabriel and Dresden at GuabaThey will be bringing Gabriel and Dresden supported by sexiii DJ E-Lite.

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  • Anne

    So what time are G&D going to start playing?

  • Hey there Anne, having spoken to the Guaba guys yesterday they informed me that G&D would be hitting the decks from 5pm.

    However they have an AMAZING stratup DJ and if the party is going to be anything like Above and Beyond was, you don’t want to arrive too late, the sound system will be amazing but who wants to dance 1km away from the bar? 🙂

    See ya there!

  • Jon – check out this site to Listen to them to see what theyr like, really really amazin!

    They did a mix with Above&Beyond too.. Above and Beyond at Guaba was amazin so im sure this one wil be too 😉

  • Jon

    on the flyer it sez 12 til 10.. but every time, at guaba they have to lower the music at like 7 cus of the noise init?

  • Anne

    Thanks for the info! 🙂 I will be arriving quite early anyway but just making sure that I won’t miss them. 😀 C u there!

  • @Jon : i spoke to the guys about the time thing with the cops… and… they are fully licenced till EIGHT PM so it’ll be a great 3 HOUR set by the amazing duo.

    See you all there 😉

  • seascoud

    i am a sea scoud from larnaka and i want to thanks the guaba and theirs owners for kindness.i want to give youi congranguoulations for their trendy beach bar.see you very soon!!