Funny Post-It Advert

Well I thought some of you may appreciate this, others may just get annoyed and wanna sweat at both the advertising team who came up with it, and me for posting it but here it goes.

Post-It Advert

No Offense Intended towards our female audience, just a bit of humour on this Monday afternoon. 🙂

Have a nice day,


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  • Kalli Rache

    and it goes both ways darling Hector:):):) and its actualy pretty funny:)yet another proof of what assholes men can be!!(not that imn racist against men)!!!:):):)

  • Touche!

  • leya

    Im gona have to agree with kalli. Men can be such assholes, just a fact these days. But it is quite a funny advert :))

  • Well in all honesty and defending the couple who BOTH look equally ‘satisfied’, at least the guy did take the effort as to not upset her in the morning, or during by saying the wrong name or having to tell her he forgot her name or couldn’t actually hear it over the loud music in the bar.

    He could be a really nice guy 😛

  • leya

    If you think that’s the case, i wonder how many of those post-it’s he has

  • leya


  • i dono, but at least if u were dating the guy u’d kinda figure out if he was cheating on u with the french cleaning lady. 😉

  • urslightlyfullofit

    As despicable as men may be (of course women are all angels) we are not, like it or not, a different race 🙂 So you can’t be racist towards men … unless of course you hate men only from specific countries or ethnic groups… ahem

    But on that note, why are we all assuming the lovely lady in the photo is perfectly innocent and not guilty of something or other herself. If they were both flirting around Galatex and having one too many, she might actually have his name written on her palm or something cos she forgot to bring her pack of post-it’s along?

    Or maybe as Hector? said, only the guy was so thoughtful and considerate 🙂

  • Kalli Rache

    lol…and we dont write the names on our palms…we use our phones:)that way da guy wont see it (u know not to make him feel bad)!and if u think women are angels…well im glad there are still men that buy our acting:)
    and true we are the same race,u guys were juz the testers bt we are the PERFECT creation:):):)

  • urslightlyfullofit

    You know for such a perfect creation you seem to have suffer an excruciating amount of difficulty popping bottle-caps off of consumer-friendly products…

    You’re the angels but we’re still the gods 😛

  • Kalli Rache

    huh?bottle caps?…i heard the one about women and technology or driving bt never about bottle caps…we have a problem with those too:)

  • nolongerfullofit

    Oh yes you ladies seem to have slight issues with many different types of food container coverings too …

    Add anything mechanical into the mix and we can see imperfect perfection 🙁

    Nice of you to admit though 🙂 You’ll always kick our asses when it comes to phones… i’ll give you that, never seen such blinding text-messaging speed in my life.

  • Kalli Rache

    well so many boys so little time:)obviously we are fast in texting all u guys:)and well we cant take EVERYTHING away from u guys thats why we let u b the techonoly know it alls:)and its boring to b perfect:)its the flaws that make us so special

  • nolongerfullofit

    You can text all ya like we’ll still be too lazy to write back using that tiny keypad and annoying dictionary thing. Stick to MSN, much more efficient. Xept you girls should lay off the bouncing hearts, virtual teddy-bears and other such stuff…

    Agreed our flaws do make us special, especially blinding hatred for other races, it’s real attractive. You must be a very special person indeed 😉

  • leya

    lol, see hector the way you change the meaning of it all? 😛

  • nolongerfullofit – i couldnt agree more about the bouncy hearts,lols,and random letters showing as random celebrities, kinda slows down the conversation

    leya – everyone has a gift, each to his own 🙂

  • leya

    fair enough 🙂

  • nolongerfullofit

    Tell me bout it 🙂 Sometimes when they’re really having a colourful day you have to decipher what they’re trying to say …. have you ever had to actually add an icon to figure out what was being said under it?

    Am I missing a hidden joke between you and Ieya btw? 🙂

  • Yea unfortunately its become a bit of a standard procedure when talking to some gals, right-click, add, see the code for using it, click-cancel 😛

    and well yea u culd say its a hidden joke couldnt u leya? :p

  • oh soz, i changed my nickname from OTI admin to inztinkt, to avoid confusion :p

  • leya

    your questioning if it is a hidden joke? haha! you know the answer to that one hector :p

  • depends if the two words hidden and joke can both even be applied to the situation :p

  • leya

    hmm… meaning what exactly? :p

  • dia

    Lol we should do that for guys as well)) like I can never remember the name of half of the guys that I meet at Galatex. =p

  • Kalli Rache

    lol i agree Dia:):):) plus half of the guys u see in galatex are not even worth rememberin their names:)bt there are exceptions…and thats where the post-its come in:)

  • that explains all the yellow pieces of paper with Kalli’s handwriting on them! figured u’d know my name by NOW! lol just kidding Kalli baby :p

  • Kalli Rache

    oh baby u knw i would never forget ur name:)not after all those fun times u and me had:) PS my post-its are pink…they stand out more that way:):):)