Free Jazz Week at Jazzy B

jazzincyprusJazzy B are continuing into the New Year with a week of free performances, aimed at encouraging jazz music in Cyprus and building up a strong fanbase. Most of the players are Cypriot students on holiday from the renowned jazz conservatory of Rotterdam; their styles may vary but their skill is consistent.

On the 6th January, Casus Belli, the jazz funk quartet, play again. The line up is George Morfitis on piano, Ermis Michael on guitar, Evelthon Michaelideson on bass, and Andreas Stefanou Kolas on drums. Having watched these guys play last week I can definitely reccommend them. Doors open at 9.45.

On January 7th the Irenaeos Jazz Trio take to the stage (well, the carpet). You can tell this trio comprises of older musicians; their experience and talent makes them a cut above other jazz trios, and they have been called the best in Cyprus. Their sets are always different, always varied and always brimming with original interpretations and compositions. The line up is George Krasides on tenor and soprano saxes and clarinet, Irenaeos Koullouras on acoustic bass and George Koulas on drums. Doors open at 9.45.

On January 8th there is latin jazz on the bill with the Nuevo Jaleo trio. The line up is Giorgos Morfitis on keyboards, Cahit Kutrafali on bass, and Andreas Stefanou Kolas on drums. A nice touch; the band consists of two Greek Cypriot musicians and a Turkish Cypriot. If their collaboration works as well as they usually do at Jazzy B, it will be a pointed symbolic gesture to the politicians as they restart their talks this week. The band met on the neutral ground of the Rotterdam Conservatory of music and found a common interest in Latin and Jazz. They are freshly formed; their repertoire includes original compositions by Morfitis and by Cahit, as well as their rearrangements of standard latin and fusion tunes. It sounds to me like something worth listening to. Doors open at 9.45.

There is no excuse not to go (unless you have a pathological aversion to jazz) so get yourselves down there! It will be worth it.