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Alright people, summer has been great so far, with many amazing action packed, thrillers and animated movies being released! The most notable release of this summer has to be Transformers, director Micheal Bay had to be born to direct Transformers as many Box Office reviews have noticed, with the “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”, “The Island”, “Bad Boys II” and “The Amtyville Horror” under his belt he has proven to the world that a stunt packed movie filled with as much action as Transformers will be no problem for him. Even Stevens star and 21 year old actor Shia LaBeouf also starring in this movie has another 2 box office hits this summer, including “Disturbia” and “Surfs Up” in which he lends his voice to penguin Cody Maverick.

Not forgetting the phenomenal “Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix” which has grossed $701.2 million so far worldwide after 22 days!! Harry Potter returns for another year at Hogwarts which proves to be even more exciting and fun than the past movies, including his “breathe taking” kiss with Hermoine that had cinema viewers “wow” and “clap” the second their lips touched. 🙂

Thrillers are not amiss this summer, with “Disturbia”, “Hannibal Rising”, “1408” and “The Hills Have Eyes 2” all being released and expected to keep viewers at the edge of their seats and contemplating the next move.

Die Hard 4.0 has John McClane return and takes place 19 years after the first film, Bruce Willis’s charismatic on-screen acting deleiver’s a fast and violent action packed movie, and whats most important, almost entirely hand made, good old stunt work and explosions, thank God! CGI is kept to the minimum beleive it or not!

Comedy’s are also hitting the big screen with movies such as “I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry”, “Hot Fuzz” and “Evan Almighty” which will no doubt have viewers laughing and grasping for air!

And last but not least are the animated movies like, “Surf’s Up”, “Shrek the Third” and ofcourse “The Simpsons Movie”!! ” The Simpsons Movie” starring non other than Homer Simpson 😛 received a whopping figure of $21.9 million on it’s opening day in the U.S. ranking it the eighteenth highest grossing opening day, and third highest non-sequel opening!

That’s all for now, come back for more news and information on movies and dvd releases!


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