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Address: 24, Vailissis Str, Limassol
Telephone: +357 25 820-470
Schedule: 11 am – 02 am
anywhere you can find…

It’s been a while since I last posted an article so here I am, having a mini break from all the hectic studying for exams, away from all the mathematical catastrophes and late-night internal paranoia; letting my mind take a stroll in the Garden of Eden to taste some exotic fruit and reminisce all the mouth-watering dishes I had near the sea.

So take a 3 minute break from your own studying and let me lure you to Draught Bar & Restaurant near the Old port of lovely Limassol. Relax with some chillout music in the background, which still allows you to speak to your peers without shouting. The low lighting and its stone and wood structure gives it a great character, placing it somewhere in between the traditional and modern world.

I was greeted by a friendly waiter who escorted me to a table, which was located on the borders of the smoking and non-smoking area…I still don’t know how such thing is possible in an indoor area. (note: this was before the new smoking law). Shortly after, the delicious menu was brought to me. I scanned it carefully and observed they have many dishes prepared with Hoegaarden, Stella Artois and Jack Daniel at the average price of EUR 14. On average, you’ll pay EUR 17 for a pretty large meal (see photos-taken personally!). Something out of the ordinary which caught my eye from the menu was the ostrich dish for about EUR 20. They also offer a large variety of draught home-brewed beers and other well known brands.

I would strongly recommend this place!! These are what we tried…yumm!

The dishes tried and tested were: (photos from left to right)

– Double chicken with wedges and side salad
– Shin of pork with wedges and side salad
– Pork fillets with Diane sauce with wedges and side salad
And just to prove how good the food was…look at these photos!

As you can see, we couldn’t even finish all of it…apart from the chicken (far left) which I devoured.. 🙂

Many kids can tell you about drugs but do not know what celery or courgettes taste like.” – Jamie Oliver


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