You & Your Facebook

‘Gonna go eat …then get ready for tonight…put my favorite heels on…cant wait to get drunk tonight at…’

‘I feel so angry im gonna punch someone’

‘Robin Hood was amaaazingg’

Why do we use Facebook?

Facebook is an internet trend where thousands of people join everyday to express their feelings, their opinions on a subject or to simply rekindle with old friends. As a savvy user, there are possibilities of becoming hooked on Facebook and this is rather time consuming. What is it about Facebook that distracts us from our schoolwork or personal work? Sometimes people are left purely poking around people’s profiles, looking at others photos and entertaining themselves though applications or ‘likes’. Perhaps there are users who sit by their computer and wait for that next notification. Who will it be from? What will it say? Is someone commenting on my photo? Facebook is turning into a modern day cultural addiction in today’s society.

Facebook is now considered as a way of raising our self esteem and social circle. Photos are taken on a night out mainly intended for Facebook. Gone are the days when photos were merely for memories. Photos you have uploaded or been tagged in are primarily to ‘show off’ what you were wearing, where you went, what you got up to and who you were with. Why is it that several statuses are shared about what you are going to do or see or who you love and why? Most people could not care less, however others find it a way to share attitudes or beliefs.

‘You look great’… ‘Gorgeous dress’… ‘Nice new haircut man’. Facebook is the new cyber way to make an impression. Positive feedback on a picture or a status update pushes you deeper into the Facebook world. Some users’ confidence increases because of others’ compliments and good wishes yet, this use of virtual communication has seen many disadvantages. Cyber bullying has grown increasingly.  Facebook is used as an easy way to harass. Racist, religionist and individual bullying has reached to a shocking extent such as suicide. There have been cases where people have even left suicide messages on their statuses. So what happens when negative comments are posted on a victim’s wall or photo? ‘Reporting’ or ‘blocking’ the perpetrator does not change the fact that Facebook has become an easy means to bullying. Hate groups continue to be created and they are not removed, instead they are there to persuade people into posting nasty things. Such groups have been created against the celebrity world too. Does this make it ‘trendy’?

Now on the brighter side of the Facebook culture, Facebook has many advantages. It has reconnected old friends and unexpectedly formed new relationships, whether friendly or romantic 🙂 . People tend to post their interests such as a new song or a new movie trailer, isn’t this a great way of advertising? 😉 Facebook has also been used to sell a product and advertise a business. This access to promotion is ideal as friends pass links and ‘likes’ continuously to each other every day.

So what are your opinions about Facebook? How ‘public’ or ‘private’ should it be? Share your views about why you use it and express your comments about this article. 🙂

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