Facebook : Talk to your friends in real-time

Facebook.comHow many times have you been having a conversation with someone of Facebook through either the messaging system or the wrist-breaking walls they hide fifty seven miles down their profile pages and wished that there was a simpler and quicker way? As of the end of this month there is an answer to your wishes.

Well Kalli Rache invited me to a group earlier today challenging that they could find 1,000,000 people who want facebook to develop an instant messaging system like MSN and Yahoo have. This lead me to do some extensive Googling and I arrived at a service called FriendVox.

FriendVoxFriendVox is a web-based instant messaging system that automatically lets you chat to the people you have added as friends in Facebook in real-time. No more waiting for them to check their inbox or check their wall notifications. Simple standard login and withing two clicks you can be talking with your friends wordlwide as if they were on any other third party chat software application.

It takes no downloading, no installation of extra plugins and you DONT EVEN HAVE TO ADD IT AS AN APPLICATION! You login just as you would to facebook and the rest is taken care of by the program itself.

Give it a go… Its still in testing but works like a charm. Well done FriendVox team and happy chatting facebook users. 🙂


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