FaceBook : Secure Your Profile, Protect Your Friends!

For those of you using Facebook a lot, you will have noticed that they plan to add public profiles to the popular search engines, a step obviously bringing in more and more users from all over the world. However this also means you give out your friends’ names to a bigger audience, and without knowing where they’d use them, or why they are looking.

Facebook.comYea this sounds fairly danger-less, but in a world of online identities can you really afford to let all your friends’ be left vulnerable to anything from identity theft?

I dont mean to scare anyone off using the great platform…

…, although over-fested with application and their never ending notifications, but there is an option to remove yourself from the search results on other sites, protecting your name and another option not to show a list of your friends to people who are not your friend. These settings can be changed here. So if you want to be found through google, so be it, but at least disable the setting to show all your friends.

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