Exotica Summer Nights @ S Club (Larnaka)

Exotica Summer Nights | S CLUB
Exotica Music Events first club night has finally arrived. You know what to expect, a night full of energy, joy and all around quality music.

Here at Exotica Music Events, we take music seriously. We listen to what is being produced and what is being pushed to the front of commercial dance, and feel that the majority of people haven’t been opened to the possibilities of electronic music.

At Exotica we believe the music, the ideas, sounds, groove, beats, rhythms, vocals should all be timeless and inspiring. From 1950’s jazz to 1960’s psychedelic rock to 1980’s electro, if creativity and originality were placed in the creation of the music then this should still be felt and heard decades after the recording.

At our parties you will hear the scope of music that we play and love. House, techno, disco, reggae, electronica, soul, hip hop and electro are all favourites of ours and we choose to keep things interesting by including variety.

This is the philosophy that we adhere to at Exotica; we play timeless music which if heard tentatively should be able to be appreciated by music lovers of all tastes.

In essence, there are only two types of music. Good music and Bad music; and here at Exotica we only play good music. Come to our parties, follow our activities, and make your own conclusions.

Event contributed to OnThisIsland.com by Maria Pashi through the Cyprus Events Application on facebook.